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Originally published April 4 2014

How to live a GMO-free life: Hear the 'Awakenings' podcast from the Health Ranger

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) I've just launched a new short-format podcast called "Awakenings." Each episode is 10 minutes or less and reveals important wisdom for enhancing your life, your health and your abundance.

In the first episode, I discuss strategies for how to live a GMO-free life:

• Why GMOs are dangerous for your health and all life on the planet.

• The existence of the "Monsanto Mafia" and how they threaten and intimidate scientists worldwide.

• Food products you should always avoid in order to avoid GMOs.

• Organic foods as a GMO avoidance tactic.

• GMO-free labels: are they telling the truth?

• Genetically modified cotton and why you're "wearing Monsanto" without even knowing it.

• Why growing your own food is a key solution for avoiding GMOs. (Plus suggestions for simple food production methods.)

• GMO hazards: Eating at restaurants.

• Why claims of "all natural" do not mean non-GMO. (And why many companies have lost class action lawsuits over "all natural" claims while using genetically engineered ingredients.)

Listen to the full episode of "Awakenings" here:

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