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Originally published March 28 2014

Vegetarian-fed chickens - are these bragging rights or just screwed up food politics?

by S. D. Wells

(NaturalNews) Ok, who cares if your eggs come from chickens that are fed vegetarian feed? What are the other choices besides insects, bugs, worms, etc.? Are you feeding them chicken? What about cow, pig and turkey? Maybe chickens are fed farm-raised fish, but last I checked, they don't like that. In a country where nearly every single fast food burger, chicken sandwich and fish "filet" comes from an animal living in a confined animal feeding operation being fed GMOs, you can be sure that vegetables fed to chickens still contain genetically modified feed, whether they are engaging in cannibalism or not. (

Are "free-range" chickens really running around a farm, enjoying Mother Nature anyway, or are they "free" to roam about the cage, with the other thousand chickens that never see the sun?

What are "All Natural" eggs, anyway, but a lying label on a dead, toxic product that Big Food wants lazy consumers to buy, thinking somehow it's better than the carcinogenic, hormone-laden eggs in the cartons immediately to the right and left of those.

Eating "Depressed" Food

Who wants some vegetarian, free-range, all-natural eggs, when the chickens they come from have led a depressed life and will probably be killed inhumanely? Even if it says "no hormones" and "no antibiotics" right there on the carton, what about searching for the words "certified organic" instead of believing Big Food's lies? If they are given hormones, then they are forced to produce way too many eggs, and this breeds infection that gets passed on to humans who consume these eggs. Plus, if the chickens must have antibiotics to survive the filthy CAFO life of standing in their own feces and being exposed to bacteria, viruses and E. coli, then you are getting those antibiotics, becoming immune to them and adding to the chaos of superbugs.

Trying to "cook out" superbugs and an animal's cancer cells doesn't work. I heard Dr. Oz say you could do that once. Why would anyone want to eat an animal or a product of an animal that is diseased -- where's the nutrition in that? You can't cook out the toxins. I'm sorry about your luck.

Should chickens be fed vegetables to begin with? If they have their choice in the wild, would chickens eat any vegetables, or do they only do that in CAFOs because that's all they're given? Corn meal and soy meal are GMO, you better believe, and those "vegetarian-fed" chickens are mutating their cells with pesticide food. What can be done? What about soy-free feed? What about organic alfalfa and kelp? (

Start eating only organic food. Do not buy eggs unless they say "organic," "no hormones" and "no antibiotics," and look for the "certified organic" and "Non-GMO" seals, or raise your own!

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