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Originally published March 8 2014

Are you dehumanized by the city?

by S. D. Wells

(NaturalNews) Most people have "been there, done that" or they are doing it now. Most people avoid it like the plague, but some people live and work in it. There you are, and you're stuck in your car, during rush hour traffic, and it's bumper to bumper on some main downtown thoroughfare, boulevard or even on the "expressway"! You've been living in the city for awhile, breathing in the exhaust and fumes from factories and millions of cars; the tall buildings and cement cities just keep it all hovering over you, blocking out the true sunlight and all your vitamin D. What can you do?

You're frustrated, and your health is being compromised by your environment. Bad, toxic and synthetic food is made more convenient. Advertising is in your face, on billboards, on TV, websites, your smart phone and the radio too. There you are, in traffic, sitting, waiting -- wondering.

What can you do really, if you have a job and a mortgage there? You're being dehumanized by the city. Could you be losing your health, vitality, and spirituality while yelling at traffic in that polluted cement city? Where are the trees and the ocean? Where are the fields and the mountains? Where is Mother Nature and where are the organic fruit stands carrying local, organically grown produce?

Most downtown areas, buildings and office spaces in cities are built as squares and on grids, with no fluidness, no natural settings and no feng shui at all. Cubicles in offices are even worse, just a little box and a desk for "production" focus.

People stuck in their cars, or trucks, or SUVs are stuck in their boxes, for hours sometimes, just getting to and from work. After the cursing and yelling, after the near wrecks and the incessant "back-ups" and "detours," people who previously had a good day at work or at home can't even think about it or reflect. The negativity of people living in cities who are in a rush all the time and are part of the rat race -- they are unforgiving. If you give them the finger, they'll stop their car and get out. Suddenly you're almost in a fist fight. If you text or hold a phone to your ear while driving, you triple your risk of getting in a horrible accident, which is high already.

What happens to your overall health when you're constantly stressed?

Pollution in your body takes over when you are stressed. Smog, GMOs, industrial waste in water and heavy metal toxins in your environment find their way into your body and wreak havoc on your thinking, your digestion, your organ cleansing functions and your overall well being. Cancer is a disorder of the cells, not really a "disease" as mainstream media wants you to believe. Very few cancers are inherited or contagious (like HPV), but people are convinced by quack science that most disease and disorder are "genetic."

If you feed your genes whole foods, that are not corrupt with pesticides and heavy metals, you become healthy and build natural immunity. If you feed your genetic structure (heart and brain) organic fruits, organic vegetables and spring water, you can beat back the stress physically and mentally. If you move from the city and away from the pollution, you can free yourself from the chains of a bad environment and give your body the ultimate protection from "chemical health detriment." Cancer doesn't just "pop up." You can do something about it. Cancer is a preventable disorder of the cells. Think about it. (

The next time that you're stuck in your car, in traffic, without organic food, and you're frustrated, just "switch gears" and tune into Then, start planning your organic future, with an organic home in a beautiful, natural environment, on organic soil that you own and maintain. (

Don't become "dehumanized." Move away from the city and feel the difference!

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