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Originally published February 26 2014

Massachusetts judge orders sick girl abused by medical system to be taken from family

by Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) The medical mafia in Massachusetts has successfully removed a teenage girl from the guardianship of her parents and placed her into the cold arms of the government after first kidnapping and holding the child hostage for more than a year. CBS Boston and others report that 15-year-old Justina Pelletier, who for months has been wasting away in a mental facility upon orders from Boston Children's Hospital (BCH), will now be placed into foster care rather than go home with her parents following an outrageous ruling by a Boston judge.

In case you missed it, young Justina was admitted to BCH back in early 2013 for complications arising from her mitochondrial disease, a rare condition that had previously been diagnosed by doctors at nearby Tufts Medical Center. But when doctors at BCH disagreed with this diagnosis, as well as with Justina's parents' choice of care, the hospital proceeded to illegally assume custody over the child, which has ever since resulted in a nightmarish battle for the Pelletiers to get their daughter back.

Apparently not convinced that Justina has an actual medical condition, even though she was previously in good health under the care of her parents, BCH forcibly withheld Justina on the grounds that she needed psychiatric care rather than medical care. And as she subsequently bounced from the hospital to the mental ward to foster care, Justina's health deteriorated to the point that her father says she had almost died on numerous instances.

"They see their daughter suffering and in pain and they are not able to do something about it so that has obviously taken a toll on the family," stated Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel, which recently joined the case, about the horrors of what the Pelletiers have gone through in trying to save their daughter.

Usurpation of parental authority by government is a crime against humanity

After multiple appearances in court for hearings on the matter, the same Massachusetts judge that ordered Justina's transfer to a psychiatric facility several months ago now says she must be placed into foster care on Massachusetts' North Shore. And the Pelletiers are still under a gag order, which means they are legally prohibited from discussing the case with reporters or members of the public.

"At what point did we become so detached that we can let this type of chaos and tragedy ensue for a week, much less for over a year?" asks Cristy Balcells, Executive Director of MitoAction, a mitochondrial disease awareness group lending support to Justina's case, in a recent piece for The Huffington Post. "Where are the people who will stand up and insist 'enough is enough?'"

Keep in mind that, during her stay at BCH and subsequently at the mental hospital, young Justina was forcibly withdrawn from her normal medical treatments and given psychiatric treatment instead, as if she is making up her disease in her head. The ruling elites at BCH have essentially trodden parental rights and committed a major crime against humanity by overriding Justina's earlier diagnosis, which begs the question: how much power have we as Americans permitted the state over our children?

"Every single one of these Boston doctors who think they know so much and have destroyed this family and probably Justina's life (by withholding critical medical treatment for 13 months from which she will never recover) should be sued into oblivion for malpractice," writes one outraged Huffington Post commenter about the case. "This entire episode is utterly unconscionable."

You can read a full background of Justina's case at The Huffington Post:

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