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Originally published February 26 2014

Deranged, Barbie-obsessed California woman undergoes hypnotherapy to become 'brainless' like children's doll

by Jonathan Benson, staff writer

(NaturalNews) A California woman by the name of Blondie Bennett has decided to take her unhealthy obsession with the iconic children's doll "Barbie" to an absurd extreme. Convinced that the plastic toy has it all figured out in the brains department, Bennett says she is taking drastic steps, including regular hypnotherapy sessions, to literally dumb herself down to match the doll's perceived lack of wits and overall ditzy image.

According to MSN News, Bennett attends hypnotherapy sessions twice weekly that are designed to confuse her and shut down certain parts of her brain. After just 10 weeks, Bennett says she already feels more cognitively distant and disengaged with reality, which is exactly what she hoped to achieve by beginning the outlandish treatment.

"I've had 20 sessions and I'm already starting to feel ditzy and confused all the time," stated Bennett to the U.K.'s Daily Mail.

Breast implants, Botox and brain removal all necessary for Barbie transformation, says Bennett

Obsessed with her body image, Bennett has already undergone five breast augmentation surgeries to the tune of more than $40,000, according to reports, which has achieved for her a breast size of 32JJ. The online webcam sensation has also changed her name and regularly gets injected with Botox and lip fillers, which she says makes her appear more like the plastic doll.

"I just want to be the ultimate Barbie," stated Bennett to Barcroft TV. "I actually want to be brainless. I don't like being human, if that makes sense... Natural is boring... I would love to be like, completely plastic."

When asked how she makes a living, Bennett explained that she accepts money from online "sugar daddies" who support her financially in exchange for seductive photographs and pictures of her dressed up as Barbie. Such activities require minimal cognitive function, she says, which makes her feel even more like her childhood idol.

"When people ask why I want to be Barbie, I think, 'Who wouldn't want to be?'" stated Bennett to reporters. "She has the best life. All she does is shop and make herself look pretty - she doesn't worry about anything."

Not having a brain makes it hard to fulfill responsibilities, admits Barbie-wannabe

As far as other areas of her life, Bennett says losing her brain has caused some problems. When she recently tried to pick up her mother from the airport, for instance, Bennett says she could not remember whether to go to arrivals or departures. Bennett also ran into trouble trying to drive to her mother's house, the house in which she grew up, which caused her to drive around in circles for about three hours.

"People thought it was just a phase but I thought to myself as soon as I move out of home I'm going to turn myself into Barbie," added Bennett about the transition. "I was forced to live a double life until about eight years ago when I decided to become Barbie for real and ignore what other people said."

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