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Originally published January 30 2014

Cigarettes kill 480,000 Americans each year - That's equal to five college football stadiums full of people

by S. D. Wells

(NaturalNews) A new report from the surgeon general finds that smoking causes much more collateral damage than previously estimated, and the death toll includes those perishing from diseases like diabetes, colorectal cancer and liver cancer. The report was just released and reveals other diseases and disorders that many haven't correlated so evidently to smoking, such as rheumatoid arthritis, erectile dysfunction and macular degeneration (which leads to blindness). Also mentioned in the report are birth defects, cleft lips and cleft palates. The cold hard facts are in, folks, and 20 million Americans have died thanks to cigarettes just since 1964, when the first surgeon general report on smoking was released. In comes the new science on cigarettes, revealing mothers who smoke and their babies that die of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) or other complications from secondhand smoke.

Currently, one in every five women of childbearing age smoke, and only some of them quit when they become pregnant. Smoking impairs how the body responds to insulin, so diabetics must take heed, even those living in homes with smokers. Secondhand smoke and even third-hand smoke (accumulation of toxins on walls, air filters, tabletops and toys) can lead to serious health conditions for everyone living in a home with a smoker who smokes inside that home.

The "Cigarette Hook" and how Big Tobacco provides the problem and "solution" at the same time

Do you see the big cloud? Why are there huge black clouds around the cure for the smoking addiction? Let's clear out those clouds right now. Cigarettes are loaded with up to 4,000 chemicals to make you feel so horrible that you must have some relief. Every time someone smokes a cigarette, they get a cigarette "hangover" within one hour. Relief for that hangover is another cigarette (aspirin for the chain smoker) and is provided in a super strong vapor form of nicotine, loaded and juiced up by ammonia, pesticide, formaldehyde and bleach. There is a cure for the cigarette hangover, and 45,000,000 Americans should know, because knowledge is power.

Get ready to understand how Big Tobacco hooks smokers after just ONE cigarette and how you or a loved one can become "unhooked" and stay that way for life. Mike Adams interviews Sean Cohen, author and teacher of "14AndOut," a course that helps smokers quit the addiction by learning innovative techniques and strategies never before heard. These strategies don't involve transferring addictions - they help smokers learn how the "hook" works so they can free themselves from the addiction for the rest of their life. 14AndOut has proven results and a high success ratio for getting smokers to stop smoking forever.

Don't become a statistic

One in every 13 children could see their lives shortened by smoking, says the U.S. Surgeon General. Every day, about 3,000 youths smoke their first cigarette. It only takes one cigarette to start the full-on addiction, and any pack-a-day smoker can tell you that. Even though tobacco damages nearly every part of the body, people think that they're invincible when they start smoking, but then they can't stop. Most people cannot quit cold turkey, either; in fact, 95% of those who try on their own will return to smoking within six months. "Quitting smoking is one of the most difficult things that anyone does in terms of a lifestyle change," says a nurse practitioner at Cleveland Clinic's Tobacco Treatment Center. But just because the habit has been ingrained in your daily life doesn't mean that you can't get rid of it. You can end the habit, once and for all.

Do not become a statistic. Don't be one of the half a million deaths from cigarettes in the U.S. per year. Be proactive. Don't sit and wait for some health doomsday to come. Defend your health. Be proactive. Knowledge is power, and action is King! Make that change and learn from the best how to quit. It's never too late to "change your mind."

To learn how to stop smoking without medications, nicotine patches or hypnosis, check out the Health Ranger's Skype interview with the "Stop Smoking King" about the natural way to stop smoking in 14 days:

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