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Originally published January 21 2014

European Union Parliament decides against unleashing new GM maize

by L.J. Devon, Staff Writer

(NaturalNews) Herbicides like glyphosate and their counterpart transgenic seeds are failing farmers and the entire agricultural infrastructure of the world. Superweeds are beginning to survive through glyphosate herbicides, as biotech giants scramble to come out with the next competing chemical formula and genetically altered seed.

The Chief Executive Officer of Bayer CropScience, Liam Condon, states, "We are responding to urgent calls by farmers and agronomists for an alternative weed control technology to help combat the increasing problem of weed resistance to glyphosate-based products."

The ravenous glufosinate herbicide would be unleashed if new GM maize is approved

As glyphosate fails to eradicate weeds, Bayer plans to market dangerous glufosinate ammonium to combat nature. Marketed as "Liberty," this Bayer herbicide is utilized on their very own LibertyLink seed. This concoction is capable of welcoming mass neurotoxin and reproductive havoc for humans and animals.

Classified as "persistent" and "mobile" by the EPA in 1993, glufosinate ammonium is highly water-soluble (1370 g/L water) and is 80 percent leachable - very able to contaminate ground water.

It is also marketed under the names Basta, Rely and Finale.

Many herbicides have been proven safe for the nervous system, but glufosinate ammonium has a chemical structure similar to glutamate, making it able to stimulate the nervous system. Lethal exposure is possible, with symptoms including convulsions, salivation, hypersensitivity, irregular breathing and trembling. Furthermore, glufosinate has been proven to damage reproduction.

Lethal dosage has been determined for this herbicide. It is important to note that these lethal doses are nearly equal for both oral ingestion and skin exposure, as determined by the EPA in 1984.

For rats, the lethal oral dose is between 1500-2000 mg/kg. 500 mg/kg is lethal for mice, and 250 mg/kg is deadly for dogs.

How might this herbicide gradually contaminate food and water while introducing lethal amounts in the human populace?

European Union rules against genetically modified maize

GM maize 1507, which was slated to enter Europe this year, has been stopped dead in its tracks. This new seed, which has been genetically engineered to resist herbicide glufosinate, also produces its own insecticide. This GM seed is of the Pioneer brand and is owned by the chemical manufacturing company DuPont.

If this laboratory seed makes headway in Europe, then the entire continent's groundwater, soil and plants could be affected for many years by the toxic effects of glufosinate. Furthermore, no one fully understands the silent, unintended consequences of mass herbicide use and the effect that insecticide-producing seeds could have on the gut microbiota of humans.

A majority of the European Union Parliament is aware, though, and has put a stop to this.
But this is only the beginning of the battle.

Pressure European governments to reject new genetically modified maize - help keep the chemicals out of people's food

While 385 parliament members rejected the GM crop, another 201 favored the move, with 30 abstaining from voting. More importantly, European national governments will be required to individually decide whether they want to unleash GM maize 1507 on their respective countries in the days ahead. Which way will these government lean?

To help keep genetically modified maize out of European countries and keep the chemicals off people's plates, you can help by writing to European governments at

Was food ever meant to be subjected to such scientific chemical experimentation?

How do these chemicals interact with the nutrient levels of the soil?

How depleted can food get as chemicals thrash the environment on which they are meant to thrive?

What are the health implications for humans who consume maize and other crops that are designed to unnaturally excrete insecticide?

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