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Originally published December 19 2013

Bio-spraying Americans: The hidden dangers of 'mosquito' trucks, chemtrails and RoundUp Ready pesticide food

by S. D. Wells

(NaturalNews) Will the mosquito truck cruise through your neighborhood next summer with swine flu "bio-spray" that actually contains bacteria and viruses only preventable with the Big Pharma antidote that costs a fortune and is reserved for elitists? Are hospitals saving money by paying companies to dump their medical waste via "chemtrails" over the skies of America? Does the term "RoundUp Ready" mean that corn and soy already contain pesticide, before they are even sprayed with it, and does it mean that those crops are sprayed with up to 10 times more herbicide than other non-GMO crops and vegetation? Just what is the U.S. Government up to, with this forced medical "care" they've besieged upon the nation, and why are so many toxic pest "sprays" invading our neighborhoods, our homes, our gardens and the staple foods growing on every major farm that yields corn, soy and canola to major grocers?

What will be contained in the mosquito spray next summer, the stuff coming out of those trucks that drive through neighborhoods while the kids play outside, breathing it in and absorbing it in their bare foot soles? Is that why so many cats and dogs get leukemia? Could it be more than just DDT, which is a form of Agent Orange anyway?

Why is it such a "conspiracy theory" to think that medical waste is so expensive to dispose of that the already corrupt medical mafia of America wouldn't spray it from planes over neighborhoods? I mean, why not fuel the sick care agenda they're already profiting from in the superbug-ridden hospitals and emergency rooms all over the country? Is it conspiracy theory or just millions of sick Americans whose doctors just can't seem to figure out what they have? Was it that mystery disease called fibromyalgia or just a case of "inherited" cancer? Lord knows that those genes you got were "predisposed" to mutating, multiplying out of control and suffocating your vital organs. None of that could have come from the bug spray being propelled from the BUG TRUCK which has nobody's consent to function this way. None of those diseases, disorders or malfunctions of the body could be caused by ingesting medical waste or weed killer food, now could it?

Sheeple spray keeps the masses "infected"

Inquiring minds want to know. Intelligent human beings want to know. Sheeple call it conspiracy. TV "bots" call it crazy, but who are the ones who get shot up with flu shots regularly and drink the fluoride tap water? Who are the people who think that GMO means that food is modified to help starving countries and the dwindling food supply of the world? I'm sure of one thing, and it's no conspiracy theory. No human being on the planet should get mercury injected into their bodies (yes, it's still in flu shots and vaccines), eat bug and weed killer GMO food, and then go to a hospital hoping surgeons and oncologists have a cure for your maladies. I do know that much. It's time to investigate a little deeper and find out what's going on in your immediate environment, and whether you are breathing in bug killer, eating weed killer daily and walking around in a hazy mist of DDT and "bio-spray."

Will the mosquito truck cruise through your neighborhood next summer with swine flu bio-spray that contains bacteria and viruses only preventable with the Big Pharma antidote that costs a fortune? You better run and hide - from the chemtrails and the mosquito man! You better run and get some organic soil, organic seeds and a handbook on how to grow some NON-SPRAYED FOOD that doesn't already contain pesticide. Remember, mosquitoes and airplanes can be deadly, but pesticide food isn't even worthy for the rats.

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