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Originally published November 23 2013

The state now owns your children; dad arrested for trying to pick up his own child at school

by J. D. Heyes

(NaturalNews) As each year passes, our country gets further and further away from our founding principles, and the circle of liberty that surrounds each of us becomes smaller and smaller, as a Tennessee father found out recently.

According to local ABC affiliate WATE, a Cumberland father who did not want his kids to have to wait for him to wind his way through a long line of cars to pick them up at school was summarily arrested by a "school resource officer" (that's what we call cops at schools now) for daring to assume that there were no laws against choosing a faster way to get them.

The report says that a new policy - not law, policy - that was implemented by the school, apparently, earlier this month states, "the only way parents can get their children after 2 p.m. is to wait in a line of cars until everyone is released at 2:35," WATE reported.

The father, Jim Howe, maintains that that is illegal.

'You don't need a reason as a parent to go get your children'

Here is a video of the arrest: []. In the video, there are several still photos showing an extremely long line of parents in vehicles waiting to pick up their kids.

Later, Howe is lectured by Sheriff's Deputy Avery Aytes, the resource officer: "I'm going to call some help down here and we're going to take you up to the jail right now. I'm not putting up with this today. You're being childish and it's uncalled for."

The video goes on to show the dad arguing with Aytes over state law, later saying, "I'm not raising my voice, I'm not confrontational, I want my kids."

At one point, Howe makes a phone call, reportedly to the local sheriff, to make a complaint about his treatment, but is told by a receptionist that the sheriff is busy and cannot come to the phone.

"Alright then," Howe says, "that'll be fine. I'll handle it like we talked about, then. Thank you very much."

At that point, Howe and the deputy begin having a heated discussion over what Howe says is state law, and what the deputy says is a school rule. After several minutes, Aytes has had enough, and he handcuffs Howe, charging him with disorderly conduct.

Towards the end of the video, there are more still photographs of lines of cars - still waiting to pick up their kids one hour after school let out. And it was raining.

"You don't need a reason as a parent to go get your children. They are our children," Howe said.

'The school system needs to realize you can't make a black and white law'

According to WATE, Sheriff Butch Burgess said Aytes was simply doing his job, but:

The sheriff says he agrees with Howe on principle. Both men say the new policy is creating safety concerns, mainly because there is [a] line of cars that [are] along the highway outside of the school. Burgess says parents should take any policy concerns to those in charge of the policy, not the school resource officer.

"On the other hand, the school system needs to realize you can't make a black and white law," Burgess said.

"If not for policy, we would have chaos, and we don't need chaos at the schools, but we also don't need an overzealous deputy setting an example in front of kids," Howe said.

Welcome to America, circa 2013, where our post-constitutional existence has begun in earnest.


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