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Originally published November 17 2013

Even people who championed Obamacare are now betrayed with health insurance cancellation notices

by J. D. Heyes

(NaturalNews) Long-time opponents of Obamacare are finding delight in one fact about the law - that Obamacare supporters are getting hammered by it as well.

Could it be that the president lied to these folks too? It could. And he has.

As reported by CBS Denver:

President Barack Obama is apologizing to Americans who are losing their current health insurance plans. Millions of people are getting cancellation notices, including about 250,000 Coloradans.

For years the president said that those who like their current plan would be able to keep it, but it turns out that's not the case.

In order to comply with the Affordable Care Act insurance companies have had to cancel millions of policies, forcing people to find new, and in many cases, more expensive coverage on the exchange.

That includes Coloradans like Cathy Wagner. While she says she is not political and has never written to any lawmaker, much less a president, she said that she felt compelled to do so over all of the lying regarding Obamacare.

So she fired off a letter to the White House.

"I really just wanted him to know ... I was so hopeful that this plan was going to move us forward, but in fact I think it's moving us backward," Wagner said.

'I was really shocked'

According to the report, Wagner and her husband have retired early. She was a nurse for 35 years and was an Obamacare supporter and advocate - until she got a letter from her health insurer telling her the company was canceling her policy.

"I was really shocked ... all of my hopes were sort of dashed," Wagner said. "Oh my gosh President Obama, this is not what we hoped for, it's not what we were told."

No, it wasn't. She and the rest of America were promised - promised repeatedly - by the president and Democrats that they would be able to keep their coverage plans and doctors under the Affordable Care Act.

Oh, and for $2,500 less per year. That turned out to be a lie, too.

Wagner and her husband have now learned that they will have to pay an additional 35 percent for the same coverage they were getting, plus their plan will have a higher deductible.

"Our premium for next year is going up to over $1,000 a month for two of us and we're two fairly healthy individuals," Wagner said.

Some of Colorado's Democratic lawmakers are trying to provide cover for the president by downplaying the number of citizens getting stung by the law's minimum insurance requirements.

"This is yet the most recent issue," said U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette. She sits on the House committee that oversees Obamacare, and she says the Wagners are exceptions to the rule.

"As we work through all of this I think that a year from now people overall are going to be very, very happy with the way the Affordable Care Act is working," DeGette said.

'Not at all what we're seeing'

So in other words, if only some Americans are hurt, that's okay. But DeGette and the other compassionate Democrats who passed Obamacare have not set a level of acceptable damage. Is it 5 percent of the population? 10 percent? 18.3 percent? Or some other arbitrary number?

For her part, Wagner isn't convinced. Worse, for the first time, she is considering dumping her health insurance altogether (wasn't Obamacare supposed to achieve universal coverage?).

"The whole plan was to get everyone enrolled so there's a larger risk pool and our costs go down," she said. "Wow, not at all what we're seeing."

Obama has offered a sort of one-year "fix" that would essentially allow insurers to break the law and continue selling "substandard" plans until after next November's mid-term elections (how convenient).

But there is no consensus, either in the insurance industry or in Congress, whether this extra-legal administrative action can even work.

Nationwide, at least 3.5 million people have received the cancellation notices.


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