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Originally published October 24 2013

Freebased nicotine has 45 million U.S. smokers hooked

by S. D. Wells

(NaturalNews) How can so many people be so stuck in a "habit" and unable to escape? What if you found out that the third most addicting drug in the world was "juiced up" with a potent, deadly and volatile chemical, and has been for five decades? Let's get right into this one: ammonia does not register on nicotine level testing, but a chemical process similar to freebasing cocaine is used to enhance the potency of nicotine up to 35 times, and this alone converts bound nicotine molecules into free molecules, reaching the heart and brain within 3 seconds. This form of nicotine is highly addictive and travels so quickly in the body because it vaporizes into a gas that is absorbed by the lungs and then distributed to the brain and heart immediately.

Decades ago, the entire tobacco industry, better known as "Big Tobacco," was brought to court in Minnesota for marketing fraud and for illegally "hooking" their customers with this supercharged nicotine. By 1990, tobacco companies were shown to be using more than 10 million pounds of ammonia compounds each year; that is why Marlboro nearly put every other brand out of business back in the 1960's and early 70's, because they were the strongest and fastest-hitting nicotine fix or "nic-fit" brand. Once R.J. Reynolds caught on to the "Breaking Bad" style of cooking nicotine with ammonia, the rest of Big Tobacco jumped on board, and here we are today, 45,000,000 people deep in America alone, and the number is growing.

An addiction expert at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine conducted a study on this and said, "The modern cigarette does to nicotine what crack does to cocaine."

Also, Ian Jones, a nicotine expert at Bath University in the UK, said, "Free-base nicotine is the most damaging form because it is the optimal configuration for binding to the nicotine receptors in the brain and heart." Therefore, smoking a pack a day in 2013 is equivalent to smoking 700 cigarettes in 1960, before commercial cigarette manufacturers starting cooking the nicotine with ammonia. So the question then is, if you're a smoker, are you hooked to a deadly gas?

Nicotine is a stimulant at first, but then becomes a long term depressant. This mood "elevator" (pun intended) picks you up a little only to drop you off, big time. It also kills appetite and the nutrients in your system. Ammonia drags smokers DOWN, into the fix, into the addiction. One cigarette could actually be delivering up to 100 milligrams of nicotine potency, and this much, if injected, would cause death from overdose. Currently, 25 million men and about 21 million women suck back about 2,000 milligrams of nicotine daily in their pack-a-day habit, and then there are those who smoke two, three or even four packs a day. Some people even smoke in the shower.

This artificial dopamine control is why smokers don't quit. Statistics show that over half of all smokers want to quit but can't. This is why most quit-smoking programs, including the patch, nicotine gum, medications, scary commercials, billboards and magazine ads rarely, if ever, help people quit smoking for good. People have become accustomed to regulating their emotions with freebased nicotine, and when something stressful comes along, recent "quitters" find themselves going right back to the well for another supercharged nic-fix.

How do you quit freebased nic?

What can you do about it? Everyone always wants to counter totally negative news with something positive, a way out, an escape or just a cure. So what is the cure for the smokers who are addicted to this scam, this evil strategy that Big Tobacco has taken upon themselves to deliver with their "efficient nicotine delivery devices"?

An herb called mucuna, also known as dopabean, can safely regulate dopamine in the body and eliminate the cravings for cigarettes, which are really just dopamine cravings. Mother Nature has a cure for everything, and nutrition is the yellow brick road to the castle of good health. (

Experts in the nutrition field speak of superfoods and super herbs, like mucuna, that can help smokers escape the nicotine prison and the 4,000 chemicals found in commercial cigarettes. The Health Ranger recommends 14AndOut, the all natural way to stop smoking in 14 days: (

This three-step method incorporates chemical knowledge, behavior modification and nutrition and suggests mucuna to kill the cravings. If you are a smoker now, Natural News invites you to change your life and get healthy again! (

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