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Originally published September 27 2013

Ex-pharmacist gets 14 years in federal prison for covering hospital surfaces with same toxic substance doctors inject into children

by Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) It can still be found in virtually every influenza vaccine available at your local CVS, Rite Aid or Walgreens pharmacy, and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) maintains an official position that it is perfectly safe when injected into a child's arm. But the heavy metal mercury has landed a former New York pharmacist in the slammer following a conviction that he intentionally spread the substance on surfaces throughout the Albany Medical Center in New York out of anger over a hospital bill.

According to reports, the saga began when 60-year-old Martin Kimber of Ruby, New York, underwent two separate treatments at the Albany Medical Center back in December 2010. According to, Kimber was outraged when he received the bill for these treatments, which he tried to contend were too high. When hospital administrators denied these claims and explained that the charges were, in fact, correct, Kimber apparently went ballistic and decided to seek "revenge."

Official court documents explain that, over the course of several months, Kimber applied at least six pounds of mercury, which he had apparently stolen, to surfaces throughout the facility's cafeteria and elsewhere. He reportedly engaged in this activity on at least four different occasions, spreading mercury on the cafeteria salad bar, inside a toaster, inside an ice cream freezer and even directly on some chicken tenders that were later found to have made a hospital employee sick.

"Kimber's action placed ... others in imminent danger of death or serious bodily injury because he placed the mercury in food and food containment areas where cafeteria patrons would be directly exposed," reads a federal agent's sworn affidavit. "[Kimber] was observed reaching into the ice cream cooler while cupping something in his hand and engaging in a pouring action. He did not take anything from this or other food stations, nor did he stay to eat any food."

It was later confirmed through toll road records and security footage that Kimber had, indeed, been the culprit in each of these acts of "domestic terrorism," to pull the words directly from official reports, and police later tracked him down and searched his vehicle and residence. Agents apparently found 21 firearms and roughly 50 knives in Kimber's car and a Nazi swastika on a wall inside his home.

If mercury is a 'highly toxic chemical weapon,' why aren't vaccine pushers being hauled off to prison?

Kimber's actions were obviously malicious and designed to harm innocent people, which clearly warrants his sentence. But what is most interesting about many of the reports on the case is their repeated use of terms like "highly toxic" and "chemical weapon" to describe the nature of mercury. Suddenly, this supposedly harmless vaccine additive is now a chemical weapon in a terrorist plot, at least when an average citizen spreads it around a hospital. But when a drug company poisons children with it, we call it "medicine."

If mercury is really as toxic as all these reports claim, however -- and it truly is, as we have been saying around here for years -- then the vaccine industry is just as guilty as Kimber of committing crimes against humanity. Except vaccines have harmed far more people than the mere handful that ate Kimber's mercury-laced foods. When will the vaccine companies and their executives be held criminally liable for domestic terrorism against the millions of children who have been forcibly vaccinated with mercury-containing vaccines?

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