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Originally published September 17 2013

Men: Boost your fertility naturally with CoQ10

by PF Louis

(NaturalNews) Infertility has risen considerably over the past few decades. A major contributor to this species-threatening malady is attributed to lower sperm counts among men. Sperm counts among men have been dropping correspondingly with rising infertility.

Those men who don't want to face the increasingly difficult challenges of parenting in this mad modern world may consider this a blessing. But others are ready, willing and able to take on this challenge.

Whatever your viewpoint and situation is as a man in this culture, lower sperm counts also signal dangerous personal health situations beyond infertility.

This article offers some solutions with something to add and other things to eliminate or reduce.

CoQ10 to the rescue

A mere 100 mg of CoQ10 daily was given to 38 men in an Italian non-control study for three months. After the three months, semen parameters and antioxidant status were significantly improved with all the subjects tested.

They concluded in customary, conservative terms that "This study highlights the importance of oxidative stress in the pathogenesis of male infertility, namely in varicocele, and strengthens the possibility of the usefulness of the antioxidant therapy."

Varicocele is a disorder of testicular and scrotal veins swelling and/or bunching up. Forty percent of known low sperm count infertility cases also show evidence of varicocele. Many don't consider varicocele as the primary cause of low sperm counts.

The 100 mg of CoQ10 daily is a very low dosage. Many holistic practitioners and cardiologists recommend at least 200 mg per day for maintaining heart health. CoQ10 seems to improve semen sperm counts and testicular health as a bonus to the other benefits that it offers (

Eliminating toxins and estrogen mimickers or disruptors

Food and supplement antioxidants scavenge free excess free radicals from toxins that invade our cells. It's wise to know what to eliminate or minimize to reduce free radical oxidation while ingesting more antioxidant supplements and foods.

Don't confuse oxidation that damages cells with cellular oxygen respiration that's necessary for all metabolic functions. Although some oxidation occurs from that necessary process, it usually doesn't require as much of an antioxidant intervention as the free radicals produced from toxins.

Most mainstream medical doctors seem to ignore the preponderance of toxic additives in processed foods, chemical residues of non-organic produce and factory farmed meat and dairy products as factors for free radical oxidation that causes tissue inflammation as a factor for low sperm counts.

Factory farmed livestock are injected with hormones and antibiotics. These are passed on to human consumers, producing more free radicals and estrogen imbalances that can be gender benders for men. Estrogen and estrogen mimickers can influence male testosterone levels to cause some gender confusion.

One factor overlooked by men is the estrogen mimicking hops in man's favorite alcoholic beverage - beer. Now the phrase "women should drink beer and men should drink wine" is getting legs.

Soy is another estrogen mimicking intruder posing as a health food or meat substitute. Only fermented soy products should be consumed, such as miso, certain soy sauces and tempeh.

Then there are plastics with BPA (bisphenol-A) that are used too much for containing and storing foods and beverages. This is another reason to avoid processed foods that rely on plastic containers, including the BPA linings of many food and beverage cans.

At least find ways to store foods and beverages at home in glass or other BPA free wrappers and containers. All this is not just for increasing fertility, although these measures probably will. These measures are also for preventing a whole can of unhealthy worms from invading anyone, male or female.

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