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Originally published September 6 2013

Migraines may permanently damage your brain structure: Here is a natural, research-proven way to treat them

by PF Louis

(NaturalNews) Bad news for migraine sufferers who don't take preventative measures to decrease migraine frequency and severity. A meta-analysis of six population-based (epidemiological) studies and 13 clinic-based studies was conducted at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark.

The study author, Messoud Ashina, MD, PhD, stated, "Our review and meta-analysis study suggests that the disorder may permanently alter brain structure in multiple ways."

They discovered that white matter brain lesions increased 68% for aura-associated migraines and 34% for non-aura migraine episodes. Abnormalities that increase stroke risk were 44% higher among aura migraine sufferers, while all migraine sufferers showed more brain volume changes than non-migraine individuals. [1]

Sorry about the scary notice. But relax. There are solutions for decreasing frequency and severity of migraines naturally.

Decreasing migraines naturally instead of using preventative prescription drugs, such as the antidepressant amitriptyline, sold as Elavil, Tryptanol, Endep, Elatrol or Tryptizol, has been proven effective with clinical trials.

Natural, clinically tested, effective migraine preventatives

A study in Belgium published by the American Academy of Neurology in 1998 investigated vitamin B2's, (riboflavin) effect on migraines. Fifty-five participants took part in a double-blind, randomized study.

They experienced 37% less migraines after three months of vitamin B2 doses at 400 mg. The researchers attribute this to riboflavin's ability to boost mitochondrial energy.

Mitochondria exist in cell nuclei and convert food nutrients into directly usable energy for cellular activity, including neurological protection. [2]

Coincidentally, another nutrient, resveratrol, has shown very strong evidence of increasing mitochondrial density and activity. Keep that in mind.

Another migraine preventative study on butterbur or Petasites hybridus root extract was conducted at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York and published in the journal Neurology at the end of 2004.

Two-hundred and forty-five migraine sufferers between the ages of 18 and 65 with a frequency of two to six attacks monthly were divided into three groups. A control group was given placebos, and the other two groups were given butterbur doses of 75 mg or 50 mg.

After four months, the 50 mg group did better than the placebo group but not as well as the 75 mg group. The 75 mg group had a 48% reduction in attacks compared to the placebo group, and 68% of the 75 mg group had a 50% or more reduction in migraine frequency.

The only side effect noted among butterbur participants was that a few of them had mild gastrointestinal reactions - burping. [3]

A study presentation at the March 2012 American Academy of Neurology that clinically studied melatonin compared to amitriptyline, used in several brand name pharmaceutical antidepressants, and placebo doesn't appear on any Google searches yet.

But several attendees sang their praises of the study's procedure and findings. And more than one source or site has reported on the findings.

The trial dose for melatonin was 3 mg daily for one group compared to 25 mg amitriptyline with another group. A third group was given a placebo. Each group was checked monthly for results. [4]

Bottom line, melatonin works as well as or better than amitriptyline without side effects except for better sleep and weight-loss. Amitryptyline commonly creates weight-gain and daytime drowsiness.

Another proven natural preventative measure for migraine reduction is the essential oil used for aromatherapy - lavender. It provided study participants an almost 75% reduction of incidents and intensity. [5]

More advice to protect against brain damage from migraines

The often advised migraine "trigger" diary, avoiding processed foods, especially with MSG (research its disguises) or aspartame, living with less stress, acupuncture, yoga, and meditation have all shown merit.

Increasing your magnesium uptake with bio-available magnesium has proven itself in clinical trials as well. More here (

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