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Originally published August 31 2013

Seven easy ways to cancer-proof your home and life

by PF Louis

(NaturalNews) Chemical carcinogens are part of "better living through chemistry," which was DuPont's slogan from 1935 until 1982.

The generation that survived WWII gleefully embraced this concept, which DuPont promoted often with their radio and TV advertising, until the baby-boomers started waking up and smelling the toxins.

The fact is 80,000 to 85,000 synthetic chemicals have been registered since WWII, and they have become part of our environment and day to day product use. Yet, only around 200 of them had been safety tested before being released.

Most of those synthetic chemicals are part of products we use everyday or exist within our home and office structures. Now, we are coping with invisible, radiating carcinogens from electronic and even natural sources, demanding that we protect ourselves from more than just the obvious hazards of "better living through chemistry."

Protect yourself from household carcinogens

1) Toss your conventionally produced household products: cleaners, air-fresheners, laundry detergents and bleaches, dish soaps, and interior cleaning products. Replace them with natural detergents and cleaners (read those labels carefully) or make your own (

Do the same with cosmetics and body-care items, even regular underarm deodorants, lipsticks, and haircare products. Chuck 'em and go natural. Look for deodorants that are aluminum free and avoid most commercial cosmetics that contain other heavy metals and phthalates (

2) There are natural pesticides available to replace the toxic ones you may have in your dwelling (

Don't store paints, paint thinners, shellacs or varnishes in your living area. Try to keep them in a separate shed and use them in interior spaces only if you can ventilate well or vacate after using.

3) Is your furniture and bedding fire-proofed? Fire retardants emit gases that are carcinogenic. How about furniture made with particle board? The glue that holds that so-called wood together also emits carcinogenic gases.

New house or office? A lot of new home and office construction uses particle board structurally. Fiberglass fibers seem to be almost as carcinogenic as asbestos. Protect against it and take measures to purify your indoor air (

4) Put up with more wires and cables instead of setting up WiFi in your office or home. Electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) are the invisible carcinogens of today. Minimize cell phone and portable phone use as much as possible.

There are mechanical methods of screening EMF radiation from nearby cell phone transmitting towers and even snoopy "smart meters" on your wall. Those protective devices offered on the internet may not add to your decor, but they will protect you.

Most of us can have our DNA affected adversely over time from EMF radiation; some people are more sensitive to EMF and feel negative effects quickly.

5) Radon is a naturally existing form of radioactive gas that's emitted from the ground, and it can be trapped within a dwelling built on that ground. Your indoor dwelling can be checked for radon levels.

Radon gas is a major source of lung cancer, along with asbestos and fiberglass. If your dwelling is radon contaminated, there are measures to handle it (

6) Cooking with aluminum is a bad idea, and almost everyone is aware that Teflon, a DuPont non-stick product, releases carcinogens when heated. Anodized aluminum is a good, but not perfect, non-stick alternative. The protective coating breaks down eventually, leaving some of the aluminum exposed.

After seasoning with oil and heat, cast iron pans stick less. There are also ceramic coated metal pans and pots as well as tempered glass are choices.

Don't use Styrofoam containers with hot foods and beverages. Start cutting back on plastics for storing food and beverages. All of these are part of better living through toxic chemistry (

The issue with microwave cooking is not so much EMF emission as it is what it does to the food cooked or water heated. It makes the foods and beverages carcinogenic (

7) It's impossible to avoid all of these hazardous materials and EMF or radioactive dangers. So strengthen your inner terrain and immune system. Lots of vitamin D and C, magnesium, certain herbs and probiotics can all help protect you against even radiation (

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