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Originally published August 29 2013

Natural News writer targeted by police, asserts his rights, threatened with violence, dragged from car

by Lance Johnson

(NaturalNews) A natural news writer was stopped by Casey, Illinois, police early Sunday morning, August 18th.

On his way home with his wife, the writer was suddenly stopped by Officer Hanley. According to police, a rear light was out on the driver's vehicle. With his driver's side window slightly rolled down, the driver complied with the officer, handing over his driver's license and insurance information.

After obtaining the information, Hanley ran the IDs in his squad car and then called in backup, obviously targeting the driver. With two officers now at the scene, they began intimidating the driver in the dark, questioning him about drugs and alcohol. The driver dismissed the questions and the officers grew angry and suspicious.

Minor light bulb offense turns violent

In a very hasty and intimidating voice, the engaging officer demanded the driver step out of the vehicle. The officers wanted in, shining lights in the backseat. Not wanting to have his privacy invaded, the driver asked the officer why. The officers grew angry and demanded the driver get out immediately. The driver then asked, "Am I being detained?" - not consenting to the search.

Neither of the officers would answer any questions and quickly went into a rage; the backup officer reached into the window and unlocked the vehicle as the other pulled the door open.

Threatened, dragged from car, body searched

Fearing for his life, the driver pulled the door to keep it closed, not consenting to either the search or the violence. With the door halfway open, the backup officer, Brent Clapp, then wielded a night stick and threatened to "bash the window in" the driver's face. This is when the driver slowly handed over control of the situation, as both officers dragged him out of the car violently.

The driver was then instructed to put his hands on his car as his body was searched under his clothes and in private areas. During the violation, the officers interrogated the driver further with questions about where he was from, where he was coming from, and what kind of drugs he had in his car. The driver replied honestly and was shut down and mocked at every answer.

Trying to find a reason to arrest the driver or search his car, the officers made him submit to multiple field sobriety tests. The driver passed the tests, keeping his cool. Even after showing no signs of impairment, the driver was then issued a breathalyzer test.

Meanwhile, one of the officers opened the passenger side of the driver's car and interrogated the writer's wife, profiling her and taking her license ID.

When the results of the driver's breathalyzer test came back as 0% BAC, the officers finally ceased their profiling and humiliation of the two innocent, law abiding citizens.

In the end, the driver was allowed to return to his car as the engaging officer continued to tell him that he has "no rights on Illinois roadways." The driver continued to show no guilt.

Stand up for your rights, question authority

At, lawyers advise drivers to stand up for their rights even when police threaten to abuse them. This will not deter police from abusing your rights; it will most likely make them angrier, but when you assert your knowledge of your rights, your stance can then be upheld in court and be protected by the fourth amendment. By stating, "Am I being detained," "Am I free to go?" or "I do not consent to this search," officers are forced to think twice before abusing your rights.

By asking if he was being detained, the driver asserted his rights. Of course this angered the officers more, as they consequently used violence against the driver, but it was very important in this situation that the driver let the officers know that he knew his rights.

The driver was threatened with violence, drug out of his car, and had his body searched for no reason whatsoever, but his confidence remains strong, knowing that he stood for his rights when they were threatened the most.

The Casey, IL, police may be informed of their civil liberty abuse through their Facebook page:

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