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Originally published August 27 2013

Family sues pharmaceutical company over child brain damaged by flu vaccine

by J. D. Heyes

(NaturalNews) An Australian family is seeking compensation from a large pharmaceutical company after their daughter became severely disabled following the administration of the flu vaccine, Fluvax, in 2010.

According to reports, shortly after receiving the vaccine in April 2010, little Saba Button began suffering from convulsions and was rushed to a local hospital in Perth. Now four, Saba is a quadriplegic and nearly blind. Also, some three years later, she continues to suffer from regular seizures and requires constant medical care. She is also fed through a nasogastric tube.

Three days too late

Per the Western Australian newspaper:

A civil action, which could be one of Australia's biggest medical compensation cases, has been lodged against manufacturer CSL in the Federal Court on behalf of four-year-old Saba ... Saba had fever and febrile convulsions caused by an alleged defect in the Fluvax shot she was given in April 2010.

Her disabilities were caused by severe hypoxia, which damaged her brain, reports said.

What's more, the pharmaceutical company - CSL - knew about the dangerous side effects of Fluvax.

In a statement of claim, lawyer Julian Johnson said, "[I]n testing performed by (CSL) prior to April 2010, it was apparent and identified by it that fever was a recognised side effect of the CSL 2010 Fluvax which occurred at a relatively high rate and higher incidence than in previous years."

Johnson went on to say that the vaccine caused febrile convulsions in 0.09 percent of patients who received it in 2010, as well as a febrile reaction in more than half - 57 percent - of small children between the ages of 6-59 months.

"The incidence of febrile convulsions in [western Australia] patients vaccinated with Fluvax in 2010 was one for every 100 doses administered for children under four, three times higher for all patients compared with non-CSL-made vaccines and 200 times higher than the only published population-based estimate," the paper said. "The document says Saba's parents, who received a Health Department letter encouraging them to vaccinate her, had no warning. The product packaging and labelling contained no mention of any possible risk of febrile convulsions and other serious complications."

Even more tragic is the fact that the vaccine was recalled on Apr. 22, 2010 - just three days after Saba received hers.

Included in the compensation case are reimbursements for Saba's medical expenses along with her ongoing needs for special assistance and equipment, pain damages, suffering and loss of enjoyment of life, as well as continual supervised care.

"In my view," Johnson told The Weekend West recently, "Saba has a compelling case against CSL that the vaccination was defective."

Kirsten Button, Saba's mother, said she and her husband would never have allowed their daughter to be vaccinated with Fluvax had they known of all the harmful side effects.

Hundreds of kids affected

Paul Effler of the Australian Health Department wrote in July in the Medical Journal of Australia that insufficient studies of the vaccine's safety had been conducted prior to its 2010 rollout. Reports said another 250 children in western Australia suffered serious reactions to Fluvax as well.

The Western Australian also reported that, despite a ban from administering the vaccine to children under five years old, it was nonetheless "recently used on two WA children."

The dangers of Fluvax did not escape the attention of American health institutions. In August 2010, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta said in a press release:

During the 2010 influenza season in Australia, administration of a 2010 Southern Hemisphere seasonal influenza trivalent inactivated vaccine (TIV) (Fluvax Junior and Fluvax) manufactured by CSL Biotherapies was associated with increased frequency of fever and febrile seizures in children aged 6 months through 4 years.

Though we here at Natural News don't recommend any vaccines, the CDC provided an alternative to Fluvax in its statement.


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