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Originally published August 15 2013

Ginseng is much more than simply an aphrodisiac herb

by P. Simard

(NaturalNews) There are different types of ginseng roots such as the American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius) and the Asian or Korean one (Panax ginseng). Some people also like to add eleuthero or Siberian ginseng, but these don't contain the essential ingredient, ginsenosides.

This medicinal herb is known as a potent stimulant that increases blood flow and circulation, hence the reason why it has often been suggested to use, possibly combined with other herbs, in order to help those looking for a little boost in the bedroom. It's also because of the increased blood flow to the brain that ginseng is believed to enhance concentration and general cognitive functions such as is the case for ginkgo biloba.

Although ginseng has developed a solid reputation, especially in the Asian world, the scientific community hasn't necessarily followed up with enough research to validate its various health benefits. Research has somewhat shown that ginseng may increase the strength of the immune system by preventing or protecting against the common colds suffered by usually healthy adults.

Some clinical tests involving a total of 747 individuals were conducted in December 2007, mainly comparing the effects of American ginseng versus placebo treatments on healthy adults. By the end of these trials, results showed that the ginseng groups had 25% less chance of getting a common cold versus the placebo groups. It also seems that when people preventatively use ginseng extracts for a period of time prior to catching a cold, it will most likely diminish its strength and shorten its duration.

So what else can ginseng do for you ?

Some studies on American ginseng have given hope for a possible future use with type 2 diabetes patients, as it showed the ability to control and also lower overall blood sugar, even in those presenting milder levels in their bodies.

Since ginseng tea has been shown to somewhat inhibit appetite, some people believe that it can assist with weight control and therefore help fight obesity.

Because ginseng improves blood circulation, it may very well be helpful to athletes by regulating their metabolism and allowing oxygen levels to be utilized more effectively. The increased blood circulation will also lead to higher energy levels and most likely shorten the necessary time for muscles to recover from intense physical efforts.

Ladies suffering from menstrual problems every month may be able to find some relief thanks to American ginseng tea. The tea is reported to alleviate the sometimes unbearable cramps and general pain tied to menstruation.

Although the evidence isn't quite conclusive at the moment, it is believed that ginseng may be of assistance in the treatments of health conditions such as cancer, heart disease, fatigue, hepatitis C, high blood pressure and menopausal symptoms among others.

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About the author:
After spending several years working in property management, P. Simard is now focusing on being a naturopath in Quebec.

After spending several years working in property management, P. Simard is now focusing on being a naturopath in Quebec.

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