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Originally published August 2 2013

One Colorado town's solution to Obama drones: Offer bounties to individuals who shoot them down

by Jonathan Benson, staff writer

(NaturalNews) The small town of Deer Trail, Colorado, is taking a progressive and admittedly novel approach to the threat of unmanned Obama drones entering its airspace. According to a recent Breitbart report, the town, located about one hour east of Denver, is considering the passage of an ordinance that would issue drone hunting licenses and offer cash rewards to people who successfully shoot the liberty-crushing spy and assassination vessels out of the sky.

Authored by local resident Philip Steel, the ordinance states that a bounty of $100 shall be rewarded to any shooter who presents both a valid hunting license and pieces of drone vessel as proof to local authorities. The drone pieces must contain markings and configurations that are consistent with those used on or similar to those used on any craft known to be owned or operated by the federal government.

"We don't want drones in town," said Steel to reporters. "They fly in town, they get shot down."

If the ordinance is passed, drone hunters will need to purchase a hunting permit from the town for $25. This permit would need to be renewed annually, and would not require an initial background check. The entire application process, in fact, will be anonymous, except for applicants having to prove that they are at least 21 years of age and able to "read and understand English."

When asked by a local reporter about the implications of the ordinance, Steel expressed valid concerns about America's gradual transformation into a government "surveillance society," implying that policies against federal encroachment are necessary to help put the federal government in its rightful place. Though unmanned aerial drones have yet to be spotted over Deer Trail, the ordinance is intended to make a statement about how the town feels about the continued federal encroachment of civil liberties.

"We're the home of the world's first rodeo, so we could [be the] home of the world's first drone hunt," added Kim Oldfield, the Deer Trail clerk, as quoted by Breitbart. It may even be possible to organize events where people can "[hunt] drones in a skeet, fun-filled festival," she says.

Every city, town in America needs to pass anti-drone legislation

Since the ordinance limits the weaponry permitted for shooting down drones to 12-gauge shotguns or smaller -- a simple shotgun can hardly be expected to effectively shoot down a military drone -- it is obvious that the intent of the proposal is more symbolic than literal. But this is precisely the point -- to raise awareness about, and fight back against, this obtrusive police state presence.

"Since late 2006, the FBI has conducted surveillance using UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) in eight criminal cases and two national security cases," reads a recent letter obtained by Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, illustrating how drones are already being used against Americans.

"Given that drone surveillance over American skies represents a potentially vast expansion of government surveillance powers without the constitutionally guaranteed protection of a warrant, it is vital that the use of these drones by the FBI be fully examined," it adds.

Knowing how the issue has been handled thus far by the nation's mostly corrupt politicians, however, it is unlikely that Americans have anything to look forward to other than more drones and more police state surveillance.

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