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Originally published May 4 2013

Dandelion: Your medicinal powerhouse go-to herb for spring cleansing

by PF Louis

(NaturalNews) Dandelion is a common weed flower that is usually considered somewhat of a nuisance by fastidious lawn keepers. It can grow wild anywhere. But this weed with it's cute little yellow flowers packs a punch medicinally.

It has been used as a healing and preventative herb for centuries. And currently it's one of the top herbs being researched by western medical science. Thus far, that scientific scrutiny has confirmed the medicinal value of dandelion, known for centuries by herbalists and ancient Asian medical practices.

The dandelion greens are commonly used as natural diuretics that boost renal (kidney) health. For the liver, you need the dandelion root as root extracts, teas or tinctures.

Don't bother pulling those dandelion weeds for your teas if you're in a heavily polluted area or chemicals are used on the grounds. It's better to deal with commercially sold organic or wild harvested dandelion or supplements containing the extracts.

Dandelion root for restoring and maintaining proper liver function

The liver's importance is often underrated. But as you realize its importance, you'll be taking better care of that large organ in the right front lower abdominal cavity. The liver is partly or mostly responsible for:

* Protein creation
* Creating the master antioxidant glutathione
* Managing bile distribution to digest fats
* Creating blood coagulation factors
* Removing toxins from several source by filtering the blood
* Contributing immune cells to fight infection

The more well known serious liver diseases are hepatitis, fatty liver, cirrhosis, and liver cancer. A poorly functioning liver also causes less dangerous symptoms of indigestion such as gas, bloating, constipation, or diarrhea.

Jaundice, a yellowing of skin or whites of the eyes, is an obvious sign of a liver on the decline. Even unexplained aches and pains and chronic fatigue and could be attributed to liver stress. Liver stress can be largely responsible for emotional and psychological problems too.

Chronic irritability, depression, resentment, and indulging in unnecessary angry outbursts often are also indicative of low liver stress. Chinese medicine associates courage or will to the liver's condition.

Dandelion root stimulates the liver's bile production for the gall bladder and helps the liver control the gall bladder's releasing of that bile for digestive purposes, especially fats. Good digestion is the foundation for good overall health.

Dandelion root keeps the liver's blood detoxification pathways open, which some pharmaceuticals shut down.

Dandelion greens for kidney health

The kidneys are twin, fist-sized and kidney bean-shaped organs located in the lower back area, one on each side. Their primary function is to filter the blood and eliminate toxins through urine. They also help regulate blood pressure and electrolyte balance while assisting the liver with red blood cell production.

Kidney issues share a few symptoms of stressed liver. Basically, toxins begin backing up in the blood because they're not being eliminated.

Edible dandelion greens can be used in salads or steamed. But that may not be feasible for most. Dandelion juice is high in minerals, especially magnesium. It's possible to order dandelion green liquid extracts that can be added to water or juice.

Dandelion greens for teas have been used in several cultures for many years as a mild, natural diuretic. This keeps the kidneys from building up waste products and prevents the body's tissues from retaining too much fluid. Usually, dark urine indicates a level of dehydration. Drinking more pure water could clear that up, literally.

There are other diuretics that make you pee. But dandelion offers more nutritional protective support than the others. Dandelion greens also help restore damaged tissue and protect against inflammation. They also help cleanse the blood, assisting the liver with that task.

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