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Originally published April 22 2013

The John Robbins Food Revolution Summit begins this Saturday! Listen for free to 24 interviews with amazing food experts

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) The John Robbins Food Revolution summit begins this Saturday, where you can listen in to powerful new interviews with many of the top names in food, nutrition and health.

Organized by John and Ocean Robbins, the Food Revolution Summit is a FREE worldwide broadcast. Simply register to listen in at:

Learn the latest breakthroughs on micronutrient therapies and using foods for healing. Plus, learn a wealth of up-to-date information on GMOs, hidden ingredients, good vitamins vs. "bad" vitamins, superfood breakthroughs, pesticides and much more.

Vandana Shiva, Mark Hyman, Neal Barnard, Jeffrey Smith, Mike Adams and more

The complete list of speakers participating in the event is found at the free registration page.

They include:

• Vandana Shiva, PhD
• Neal Barnard, MD
• Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
• Michael Klaper, MD
• Will Potter
• Mark Human, MD
• Robyn O'Brien
• Brenda Davis, RD
• Ken Cook
• Kathy Freston

... and many more.

Months in the making... ready for you to tune in starting this Saturday

The summit runs from April 27 - May 5, and each day you'll be able to listen to THREE interviews.

Over the full week, that's over 20 interviews with the top experts on food, health and nutrition.

Personally, I'm going to listen in as well because I know I'll learn a wealth of new information that will help me write better articles here on Natural News.

I encourage you to be part of this John Robbins Food Revolution Summit. Robbins has never done an event quite like this, and you can listen from home, for FREE, to an absolute wealth of new information that was recorded exclusively for this event.

Don't miss it!

Register now (FREE!) at:

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