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Originally published April 13 2013

Ron Paul launches free online curriculum for home schoolers to learn about reality

by J. D. Heyes

(NaturalNews) Since the teachers unions, aided by friendly far-left-of-center politicians and bureaucrats, took over public schools a couple of decades ago, American education, quite simply, has been in steep decline.

"Scores from the 2009 Programme for International Student Assessment to be released Tuesday show 15-year-old students in the U.S. performing about average in reading and science, and below average in math. Out of 34 countries, the U.S. ranked 14th in reading, 17th in science and 25th in math," said a 2010 USA Today report.

Add to the fact that the attitude among the education statist elite that your kids don't really belong to you, but to the community and that they should all have to attend, in the words of Investor's Business Daily, "reeducation centers....where they cannot pray, pledge allegiance to God and country, but where they can get condoms and free contraceptives," and you can begin to see why more Americans are looking for viable alternatives to educating their sons and daughters.

Physician and long-serving former GOP Rep. Ron Paul has one, and - appropriately - it is named after him.

Finally - a decent alternative to failing public schools

The Ron Paul Curriculum is an online educational forum parents can utilize to home-school their children from Kindergarten through the 12th grade.

From the site:

Here, you and your children can get an education in liberty like no other.
Here, students learn the basics of Western Civilization and Western liberty -- how it was won, how it is being lost, and how it will be restored. (Not can ... will.)

Students also learn the basics of American history, the United States Constitution, and American geography.

They get two courses on free market economics. They get two courses on government, including a how-to course on reclaiming America, one county at a time.

Students get mathematics, either through calculus or statistics or both.

They get the basics of science: earth science, biology, chemistry, and physics.

Throughout his lengthy congressional career Paul was perhaps the most outspoken liberty advocate of his tenure. Though paid little attention by the Republican establishment (you know, the one that keeps losing elections by ditching long-help principles Paul has always championed), he nonetheless kept the issue of constitutionalism front-and-center. So it's no surprise that a major focus of his online curriculum is small-government economics, personal responsibility and individual freedom.

Good curriculum

"Here, students learn the following," says the site: "Liberty vs. coercion in Western history; How to defend the freedom philosophy; What it takes for success in college; How to start a home business."

There are several fundamental education forums located on the site, and these form the basis of instruction. They are:

--Study Skills Forum

--ABC (Academic Basics Course) Forum

--Algebra 1 Forum

--Biology Forum

--English 1 Forum

--English 2: Western Literature 1

--Government 1 Forum

--Public Speaking Forum

--Western Civilization 1 Forum

Many of these civic-minded subjects have largely disappeared from most public schools, having been replaced by other courses aimed at empowering the statist, not the student individual.

And the instructors are top-notch as well

As far as faculty, Paul has assembled a cadre of experts in their fields. They include:

-- Tom Woods, Ph.D. He wrote the best-selling book, Meltdown, on the 2008 crash. He wrote The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History, Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century, and Rollback: Repealing Big Government Before the Coming Fiscal Collapse. He will teach government, the U.S. Constitution and Western civilization.

-- Bojidar Marinov. He has taught mathematics at a community college in Houston. He will teach algebra I, II, III, geometry, and calculus. He will teach logic as part of these math classes.

-- Gary North, Ph.D. He is the author of 50+ volumes, including Honest Money and Salvation Through Inflation. He will teach Economics 1 and 2, Western Civilization, U.S. history, business courses, and the English courses.

-- Joel McDurmon, Ph.D. He is the editor of How to Argue with a Liberal . . . and Win, and the author of Restoring America, One County at a Time. He will teach the course on local government -- what used to be called "civics."

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