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Originally published March 13 2013

John McCain defends NDAA, calls Rand Paul 'wacko bird' for defending Constitution

by Lance Johnson

(NaturalNews) In a recent interview, longtime Arizona Republican Senator John McCain called Rand Paul's stance against drone assassinations on American citizens as "ludicrous," "inappropriate" and a waste of time.

"We spent 13 hours talking about a scenario that won't happen and can't happen," as McCain criticized Rand Paul's recent filibuster protest, "It's always the wacko birds on the right and left that get the media megaphone."

McCain's arrogant words are in response to Rand Paul's recent stand for the Bill of Rights, in which Paul stood for nearly 13 hours protesting the president's authority to use drones to assassinate and spy on American citizens without due process of law.

Rand Paul's "wacko" ideas defend the people's Bill of Rights

As laid out in the National Defense Authorization Act, the reality is severe, as the law now gives the president power to assassinate any American citizen he deems a threat. As strange as it seems, this power is real and signed into law.

Rand Paul stands up against tyranny like the NDAA and backs the Fourth and Fifth Amendments, which guard against unreasonable searches and seizures, requiring a warrant to be judicially sanctioned and supported by probable cause. Along with that, Paul backs the Fifth Amendment, stating that no person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a grand jury.

Rand Paul responded to McCain's recent arrogance, "You know, I think he's just on the wrong side of history, and on the wrong side of this argument."

Paul's passion was to "sound an alarm bell from coast to coast" and hopes his efforts "help spur a national debate about the limits of executive power and the scope of every American's natural right to be free."

McCain's voting record speaks for itself

McCain, who obviously supports assassinating American citizens without due process also supports:

Vote out tyrants like McCain and replace them with libertarians like Rand Paul

Not many people have a favorable view of government these days, but it is patriotic stances such as Rand Paul's that can revive America's hope in restricted government powers. If the American people begin to believe in their basic Constitutional rights and stick to those principles, they will begin electing fellow Constitutionalists to the House of Representatives, Senate, and Presidency. Rand Paul has begun to ignite belief that there are government officials out there that are principled, fiscally responsible, and respecting of America's individual civil liberties. Americans must learn to care about who is leading the country. There should not be people like John McCain in office; who defend shredding the Constitution, defending drone assassination powers.

Support for Rand Paul and like-minded libertarians can be achieved through support for organizations like Campaign for Liberty. (

Protecting the people's Bill of Rights and human dignity is essential to the future of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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Passionate about holistic wellness, Lance Johnson and his wife invite you to, where you can buy clean, chemical-free body care products.

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