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Originally published February 9 2013

America, land of the 'quick fix' culture

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) Think you might someday get breast cancer? There's a quick fix for that: Chop 'em off! It's called a "preventive double mastectomy" and surgeons are right now successfully convincing women who don't even have breast cancer to have both their breasts surgically removed.

Is your government drowning in debt? There's a quick fix for that: Print more money! Don't worry about currency debasement and the long-term blowout collapse of the U.S. dollar that will bankrupt the nation. We need another hit of that bailout money!

Is your kid too hyperactive at home and at school? Don't bother changing his diet, removing corn syrup and artificial food colors from his daily intake. No, that would take too much time. Instead, turn your kid into a pill-popping psych drug patient by having him diagnosed by a psychiatrist!

Welcome to the "quick fix" culture of America. For every problem that demands a mature, well-planned solution, there's a much more seductive quick-fix solution that completely ignores the problem but temporarily makes the symptoms go away.

Are you eating way too much food to the point of runaway obesity? Don't worry, we can have most of your stomach surgically removed!

Are you dying from cancer tumors? Don't bother changing your diet, increasing your intake of vitamin D, or reducing your exposure to synthetic chemicals and pesticides. Nope, we can visibly shrink your tumors thanks to chemotherapy! Never mind the fact that chemotherapy will cause yet more tumors to grow all over your body because the No. 1 side effect of chemotherapy is, admittedly, cancer.

Got a problem in your community with whacko kids shooting up schools? Don't address psychiatric drug abuse, bad parenting, violent video games and other behavioral causes. Just blame all the gun owners and make everybody turn in their guns! Problem solved, right? It's yet another quick fix snow job.

Worried about your kid getting the flu or the whooping cough? Don't bother giving them more nutrition: vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc, magnesium and superfoods. Nope, just jab them with a needle, call it "immunization" and be happy with the quick fix!

Why the "quick fix" culture will destroy America

If you look around America today, everything is a quick fix solution; sweeping the problem under the rug; ignoring the causes and treating the symptoms. Whether you're talking about banking and finance, agriculture, public health, foreign policy, government spending or even public education, it's all one grand quick-fix snow job.

This quick-fix approach is, of course, childish and immature. It is the abandonment of mature, adult planning for the future. A successful society (and nation) needs wisdom, foresight and planning. It needs leaders who have the courage to address core solutions rather than settling for short-term symptom reductions.

But America has become the land of the quick fix, and the quick fix inevitably leads to collapse. That's because quick fixes do not solve underlying problems, and so the problems only get worse and worse.

For example, instead of solving the underlying causes of health problems, Obamacare merely handed Big Pharma and the health insurance companies an illegal monopoly that makes everybody in the nation pay for yet more "disease management."

Instead of working on ways to actually pay down the U.S. debt, Obama has blown the national debt sky high by trillions of dollars in just the last four years.

Instead of decriminalizing marijuana and ending the police state prison culture that only breeds more crime, Obama signed the NDAA, authorizing yet more secret arrests and indefinite detainment of American citizens. He made the police state even worse than Bush did!

Obama is a quick-fix President ruling over a quick-fix culture that's dying thanks to quick-fix medicine and going broke under a quick-fix economy. Yep, the fix is in, and we're all royally screwed!

The quick fix is an abandonment of responsibility

It's important to note that a quick-fix approach represents the complete abandonment of responsibility. In spending trillions of dollars of money that we don't have, President Obama has abandoned the responsibility of his office has actually placed America in grave economic danger. His actions, like the actions of nearly every President before him, put us all at risk.

On a personal level, quick-fix health care decisions are also an abandonment of personal responsibility. Instead of addressing their diet and exercise, most patients would rather just surrender their responsibility to their doctor, effectively "offshoring" their health to a person who is usually accepting bribes from the pharmaceutical companies to push high-profit chemicals while calling it "treatment."

For every problem in America, there's a quick fix solution that sounds good on the surface but actually makes the problem worse. And this is how we have found ourselves in the downward spiral of insanity and ruin that now characterizes our nation.

What would a mature, wise society actually look like?

Many of those reading this have never seen anything other than quick fixes, and so they may not even recognize what mature, wise solutions look like. Here's a quick overview of what a mature society might do:

• "Too big to fail" banks would have been allowed to fail. Capital needs to flow AWAY from failures and toward economic successes, not the other way around.

• The health care system would be focused on increasing quality of life instead of increasing corporate "sick care" profits.

• The education system would have been completely overhauled with the intention of producing intelligent, independent-minded entrepreneurs and innovators instead of conformist slave workers.

• Pesticides, herbicides, GMOs and other poisons in the food would have been banned long ago.

• The advertising and promotion of cigarettes, sodas, pharmaceuticals and junk food would be outlawed.

• The government would act with humility and honor, abiding by its oath and doing its best to serve the betterment of society. Instead, government today is arrogant, violent, threatening and oppressive.

• The manufacturing base of America would not have been exported to China. Jobs would remain in the USA and people would be collecting paychecks, not food stamps.

• Foreign policy would be based on the desired outcome of establishing long-lasting peace rather than encouraging wars and conflicts that provide the "terrorism" back story the government needs to expand its power.

• Free speech would be openly encouraged. Public protests tolerated. Criticism of the government invited for the purpose of improving government. Instead, what we see today is the characterization of anyone who doesn't worship government as a "possible homegrown terrorist" according to the Department of Homeland Security which is, itself, another quick-fix cover story.

• The money supply would be owned and operated by the People, not by a private banking cartel known as the Federal Reserve. Money would not be endlessly created, driving price inflation ever skyward. Zero-interest loans could be made to entrepreneurs to build new businesses and create new jobs. Instead what we see now is the government destroying private sector jobs and then claiming to have "created jobs" by hiring more government workers. (Economic insanity!)

• In a wise society, we would not poison our children with vaccines. Rather, we would nourish our children with superfood nutrition.

As you can see from this list, America today is nowhere near a wise society. It is a quick-fix culture of people taking shortcuts in their own lives and electing professional shortcut-takers to run the government. This does not produce a healthy, happy society in the long run. It only leads to cultural, economic and intellectual ruin.

If we don't turn this around and start engaging in long-term planning instead of short-term fixes, America is finished.

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