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Originally published December 30 2012

Top Natural News health stories of 2012 - an interview with the Health Ranger

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) On Friday, I sat down with David Ortiz of InfoWars Nightly News to talk about the biggest health stories of 2012. The video, below, shows the full conversation which covers:

• The FDA's approval of GM salmon and the issue of genetic pollution
• Big Pharma vaccine fraud
• GMOs and prop 37
• Monsanto and the fraud of GM intellectual property
• The fraud of psychiatry and the medicalization of human emotions
• Health freedom issues
• How the government uses food as a weapon
• CDC admissions of neurotoxins in vaccines
• Why some members of Congress are medically insane
• Obama's executive orders: GMO labeling?
• Why food additives are toxic to human neurology
• The mass poisoning of America with heavy metals and how lead poisoning may have contributed to the Fall of Rome

... and many other topics.

Watch the video on at:

Or see the YouTube version below:

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