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Originally published December 20 2012

Private gun ownership is democracy's immune system against violence

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) The raging debate on so-called "gun control" makes it clear that many people still do not understand the role of private gun ownership in a free society. The best way to grasp the truth about the Second Amendment and private gun ownership is to think of it as democracy's immune system.

In the human immune system, when an invader threatens the body, the immune system rallies microscopic "members of the rebellion" who surround and destroy invading microorganisms, thereby preserving life. Without the immune system, the body would be taken over by an invading force, resulting in the body's eventual death and destruction.

In the world of geopolitics, when an overarching tyranny begins to spread and multiply, the immune system is citizens with guns who rally to the defense of the People and beat back the invading force, thereby preserving the health and liberty of the nation.

What really keeps people free in society, it turns out, is a government that is afraid of what the people might do if they are pushed too far. That's a good thing.

"When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government." - Thomas Jefferson

Tyranny is born from an imbalance of power

When governments disarm the public, they no longer have any fear of pursuing even the most freedom-crushing, tyrannical policies imaginable. This is how tyranny is born: from the imbalance of power where the government has enormous firepower and the citizens have very little.

Communist China, for example, is a country where private gun ownership is banned, and the government there gets away with almost anything imaginable (such as arresting people and then harvesting their organs so that government thugs can make money selling those organs on the black market).

North Korea is perhaps the best example of a government with monopoly firepower taken to the extreme. There, citizens have zero rights, zero freedoms and of course no firearms. In North Korea, the border checkpoints all have guards and elaborate razor wire systems engineered not to keep people out but to prevent citizens from escaping the tyranny!

Bush and Obama have catapulted America down the path of government tyranny

America's government today is rapidly heading towards the North Korean model. A year ago, Obama officially abolished due process and gutted the Bill of Rights by signing into law a highly illegal piece of legislation called the NDAA. This law authorizes secret arrests, secret prisons, the government holding prisoners without charge, and much more. It is America's darkest effort yet to mirror the gulag government of North Korea.

If America did not have a hundred million (plus) private gun owners right now, you can bet that Bush and Obama would have already put in place a North Korean-style system of totalitarianism. Believe it or not, it's all the private gun owners who are holding back the tidal wave of tyranny that seeks to gut America's freedoms and turn it into an all-out communist nation. The very idea that American citizens can defend themselves is what gives tyrants like Bush or Obama pause to reconsider their plans.

All governments, remember, desire infinite expansion to the point where they run everything (the media, industry, agriculture, science, etc.) and control everybody (what you eat, what you think, what you buy and so on). But government is always highly inefficient, stupid and foolish in the way it uses resources. That's why North Korea's citizens are living in widespread poverty, with tens of millions starving to death every few years. It's why California is in a state of runaway bankruptcy and can't even keep its roads paved. This is the result of total government control in a society with no immune system (i.e. no private gun ownership).

Gun ownership also offers immunity from crazed psychopaths

An armed citizenry is not only able to defend itself against tyrannical government takeover; it's also able to mount an instant, highly effective defense against crazed psychopathic (or mind-controlled) individual shooters.

For example, if school administrators and office employees were allowed to carry concealed weapons instead of being forced to disarm themselves inside a foolishly-labeled "gun free zone," they would have the ability to defend children against armed attackers.

No shooter would target schools if they knew principals were packing heat. For the same reason, house robberies are extremely rare in places like Texas where the vast majority of citizens are well armed and able to defend their lives and homes.

Democratic gun ownership keeps America free

It is the distribution of firepower across the nation that keeps America in a relative balance of power. Widespread gun ownership is inherently democratic. It is de-centralized. It is local.

Gun ownership is one of the greatest expressions of liberty in America today, much like speaking your mind is an expression of Free Speech. Guns are what gave our founding fathers the ability to fight for independence against British tyranny. Without guns, we'd all still be British subjects, paying 70% tax rates and bowing to the Queen or rambling along as mindless idiots like Piers Morgan.

In terms of liberty, a person with a gun is a citizen; a person without a gun is a slave. Which would you prefer to be?

Note: The idea for this story is credited to David Rainoshek of He and I discussed various analogies of private gun ownership, and he came up with the best analogy of all: that private gun ownership is "democracy's immune system."

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