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Originally published November 23 2012

Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps, Tea Lights and USB LED salt sculptures now available at the Natural News Store

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) Harvested from deep inside the Himalayan mountain range, these salt lamps, tea lights and USB-powered LED salt lamps are made entirely of pink Himalayan (full-spectrum) salt crystals. They resemble large rose quartz crystals (see pictures below), and when lit from the inside, they project a kaleidoscope of warm, glowing textures that warm the mood of any room.

These are truly mesmerizing objects created by the Earth millions of years ago. When ground into a fine powder, they become edible Himalayan salt, but in their crystal rock form, they make amazing sources of light and inspiration. There's something deeply resonant about light shining through a crystalline structure that was formed millions of years ago when tidal action deposited huge beds of sea salt on the shores. This was long before humans ever existed, so these salt deposits have none of the chemicals, pesticides or excess heavy metals that characterize modern-day oceans.

Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps up to 12kg in size + FREE dimmer switch + FREE shipping*

Here's a photo of our largest Himalayan Salt Lamp, weighing from 9kg - 12kg (20 - 26 pounds).

We also have smaller sizes available, plus various shapes including cubes, spheres, pyramids and more.

Every salt lamp comes with a high-quality dimmer switch and cord that allows you to "set the mood" of the light. This is exclusive to Natural News, as nearly all other retailers of such lights only include a simple on/off switch.

Light bulbs are not included because they're too fragile to ship with the lamps, but you can purchase a light for it almost anywhere. Look for the "B10" bulb base, and we recommend a 45-watt bulb or smaller. These are available at virtually all hardware stores and even places like Wal-Mart or Target.

In addition to Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps, we also offer this gorgeous Himalayan Crystal Salt FIRE BOWL.

Lit from the inside, this fire bowl resembles a bowl of molten lava. But it's made entirely out of Himalayan salt. It's a beautiful conversation piece, and like all our salt lamps, the salt they are made of is fully edible. In fact, edible Pink Himalayan Salt is made from grinding up large salt crystals.

Click here to see our current selection of salt lamps, tea lights, salt licks (for animals) and similar items.

USB-powered LED salt sculptures for your desktop

New for this year, we also offer USB-powered LED salt sculptures for your desktop! Plug these into any USB port on your PC, Mac or laptop computer, and the internal LEDs light up the salt sculpture with a beautiful red-orange hue.

The LED lights are built into the wooden base and never need replacing. (50,000-hour life.) The USB cable is a high-quality black cable.

This is the perfect gift for anyone working in an office environment. The beautiful glow of the salt sculpture signals the brain to let go of stress. There is also a slight ionizing effect from the salt sculpture when lit.

Our salt sculptures are technically edible, although they are not sold as food.

Click here to see our full selection of USB-powered LED salt sculptures.

Own a crystal ball of Himalayan salt!

Of all the Himalayan salt items we offer, my favorite by far is this gorgeous Himalayan Crystal Salt SPHERE.

It is absolutely gorgeous, with an almost perfect sphere shape. When lit, it brings to mind the crystal ball sphere from Lord of the Rings. (I think I vastly under-ordered these because holding one in my hand yesterday, I realized they would probably be our most popular salt lamp shape.)

The sphere is roughly 6" in diameter, and like our other salt lamps, it ships with a free dimmer cord. (You supply the light bulb yourself.) The warmer the sphere gets from the internal light, the more it functions as an air ionizer, actually releasing negative ions into the surrounding air.

Click here to get a crystal salt lamp SPHERE at the Natural News Store.

Himalayan Salt Tea Lights

We also have an amazing assortment of Himalayan Salt Tea Lights. Here are just three of the shapes we offer. Click here to see the full assortment.

We also have an apple shape, dholki shape (like a squat vase), sphere, cube and natural shapes.

All of these items are in stock right now in our Texas warehouse, ready to ship FREE with any order of $99 or more (48 states only).

Himalayan Animal Licks and Bulk Salt Chunks

For delivering trace minerals to animals, we also have these Himalayan Crystal Salt Licks, made with a hole drilled through the center and a rope for tying it to a fence or other object.

These salt licks last 500% longer than compressed mineral licks like the ones you might find at a feed store. They provide essential trace minerals that every rancher knows prevent nutritional deficiency diseases in animals. (All ranchers know to feed their cows trace minerals to avoid disease.)

Here's a photo of my own goats licking a chunk of this Himalayan Crystal Salt:

This salt lick is perfectly safe for wildlife, cows, horses, goats, dogs, cats and other animals. Salt is one of the most important sources of mineral nutrition for all land animals!

Click here to get a Himalayan Crystal Salt Lick from the Natural News Store.

The most affordable Himalayan salt for preparedness and survival

Finally, for those who just want to stock up on bulk Himalayan Crystal Salt without any fancy shapes or lights, we have these chunks of salt available at an economical price.

You'll get at least ten pounds of salt when you order this, and you may get more (depending on the actual chunk shape and size).

Click here to see our current price on this Himalayan Crystal Salt Chunk.

You can transform this salt chunk into edible salt by wrapping it in a towel and striking the towel with a hammer. (Wear eye protection and follow all safety common sense, please.) This will produce smaller salt chunks and grains. You can dissolve the smaller salt chunks in water to make a salty brine liquid that can be used in cooking, food preservation, pickling, food fermentation and so on.

Salt chunks cost roughly one-half the price of finished, fine-grain Himalayan Salt. They store practically forever (way beyond a human lifetime) and are easily transported. If your salt chunk gets dirty or collects dust, you can simply wash it off with water and allow it to dry.

Salt chunks are rain resistant in the sense that, unlike fine-grain salt, they don't dissolve quickly in the rain. In fact, it would take probably hundreds of hours of steady rain to dissolve a 10-pound salt chunk. As a result, these salt chunk are the best "container" for storing salt for long-term survival and preparedness.

Contact us if you are looking for large-volume bulk salt items

Natural News is the direct importer of these salt items through the port of Houston, Texas. We currently have over thirty tons of salt items in stock in our warehouse and we have established import lines with trusted sources who can deliver Himalayan salt items by the container load (20' shipping container).

We can ship to you via commercial freight, at wholesale prices, salt lamps, sculptures, USB-powered LED lights, chunks, bricks and more. This is done by the pallet, making it ideal for retailers, churches, or large families looking for great prices on Himalayan salt items.

If you are interested in purchasing pallets of salt items (600 lbs or more), or purchasing salt lamps, tea lights, or other items in large quantities, email [email protected] with your request.


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