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Originally published November 13 2012
Vaccines: Who assumes the risks? by Victoria Moore

(NaturalNews) Most parents who refuse to vaccinate for personal or religious reasons are usually asked by a doctor to sign an exemption form by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). This form is nothing more than an indoctrination piece about the supposed value of vaccines and the risks of not vaccinating. By signing this form, parents are falsely assuming risk for opting out of the immunizations. This measure is meant to be intimidating as well as remove liability from the doctor in the event the child becomes sick.

The big pharma way or the highway

With vaccine injuries on the rise, many parents are educating themselves on the risks vs. the benefits of the injections and either opting out or choosing an alternate schedule. Unfortunately, this doesn't sit well with some physicians who may even go so far as to "fire" their patients for choosing NOT to take their medical advice. Parents are being treated as if they are uneducated on the situation and putting their children, and others around them, in grave danger, despite the fact that research is showing otherwise. With recent studies showing that vaccinated children are 500 percent more likely to be chronically ill than non-vaccinated children, and information revealing how vaccines have been based on medical fraud for over 200 years, it's a wonder that vaccines are still widely accepted by the populous.

Why are parents expected to accept this one-size-fits-all vaccine schedule without questioning the benefits and
risks? Even vaccine schedules for animals can be modified due to the size of the animal. If parents are having to accept liability if their children get sick by not vaccinating, shouldn't doctors have to accept equal risk for those children who fall ill due to vaccination? Sadly, that is not the case.

Many vaccine education websites urge parents to ask doctors to sign a consent form acknowledging the ingredients in the injections as well as accepting any risks caused by the vaccines. Unfortunately, no doctor would ever sign such a form and a request to do so could cause further problems for the parents. Even if a doctor did sign the form, it wouldn't stand in court. Neither the doctors nor the drug companies are held responsible in a case of vaccine injury. If a case does go to court, they have ample amounts of money in comparison to the family suing to defend their case that the vaccines are safe and the incident could have been caused by another factor.

The ugly truth

The truth is that most vaccines are not tested for genotoxicity or carcinogenicity. They have had no long-term studies carried out, or safety studies to evaluate the combinations of vaccines that are administered. The full list of ingredients is unknown to many in the medical community due to trade secrets. Without the complete list of ingredients or the known effects on long-term health; how are people able to make a free and informed choice?

The best course of action is for parents to continue to educate themselves on various topics that pertain to their children's healthcare; PARTICULARLY VACCINES. Don't be afraid to exercise your right to exemption and know why you are doing so. Holistic alternatives to vaccinating have shown to be more beneficial for the immune system and result in children who are less ill than their vaccinated companions without the damage done by the injected ingredients.

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