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Originally published October 15 2012

Non-GMO Project announces October as 'Non-GMO Month' - How will you and your family celebrate?

by Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) There has never been a more critical and urgent time to raise awareness about the dangers of genetically-modified organisms (GMOs), especially as Californians get ready to vote on November 6 to mandate GMO labeling at the retail level ( So to help spread the word about this important issue, the Non-GMO Project has designated October as "Non-GMO Month," a time during which health-conscious individuals are encouraged to coordinate their voices and actions together with one another to educate their friends, family members, and neighbors about the risks associated with GMOs.

Throughout the month, the Non-GMO Project is coordinating with local activists and health experts to hold seminars to explain what the group is all about; events to raise awareness about the unlabeled presence of GMOs throughout the food supply; rallies to demand that grocers and retailers take a stand against GMOs; and movie screenings to educate others about the GMO issue. Ultimately, though, it is individuals like you and I who decide to step up and participate that will make Non-GMO Month a success.

"Protecting consumer choice and a non-GMO food supply requires a multi-faceted approach and lots of team work, which is why this website was created," explains the Non-GMO Project about Non-GMO Month. "Together we make Non-GMO Month happen by creating and participating in events, and spreading the word in our communities."

On October 11, for instance, there will be a free screening of Jeffrey M. Smith's new documentary Genetic Roulette at the Crossroads Theater in Tucson, Arizona ( As we reported on previously, the film explains how GMOs are destroying the health of animals and livestock, and how many chronically sick humans who stop eating GMOs experience dramatic health improvements. (

Other events throughout the month include "discount days" at various health food stores, including "10% For 10/10" at Mariposa Market in Willits, California (, and "Give-Back-Day" at Good Earth Natural Foods in Fairfax, California ( Both of these grocers are offering discounts to customers on products that have been enrolled in or verified as part of the Non-GMO Project.

You can view the complete calendar of events here:

Non-GMO Project, the only truly independent verification system for non-GMO foods

The Non-GMO Project itself, in case you were unaware, is an independent, third-party verification program that promotes informed choice when it comes to food. Companies that get their products verified as part of the Non-GMO Project program are voluntarily labeling them as being made without the use of GMOs ( The Non-GMO Project is the only independent verification system for foods grown and made without the use of GMOs in North America.

You can learn more about the Non-GMO Project here:

So how will you participate in Non-GMO Month? Perhaps you and your family can host a film screening at your house to show Genetic Roulette or Unnatural Selection ( to your guests. Or maybe you can pass out flyers at your local grocery store that explain some of the dangers of GMOs, and direct readers to websites such as the Institute for Responsible Technology's "GMO Dangers" page. (

Simply voting with your own wallet by purchasing only certified organic or Non-GMO Project verified foods is another great way to take a proactive stand against GMOs. And if your local health food grocer is not already a participant in Non-GMO Month, why not ask them to join the movement?

To find a retailer near you that is participating in Non-GMO Month, visit:

To learn more about the Non-GMO Project, visit:

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