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Originally published October 8 2012

Doctors now urging patients to remove body parts for cancer prevention

by Jonathan Benson, staff writer

(NaturalNews) Western medicine has finally come around to the idea that prevention really is the best medicine when it comes to avoiding disease and staying healthy. The only problem; however, is that the type of prevention the conventional, corporate-driven healthcare model has adopted involves encouraging patients to literally chop off perfectly healthy body parts in order to supposedly prevent the development of chronic diseases such as cancer.

If this sounds too shocking to be true, consider a recent CNN guest column written by a well-intentioned mother of two who not long ago had both of her healthy breasts surgically removed out of fear that she would one day develop breast cancer. Since her mother, aunt, and grandmother all died of either breast or ovarian cancer -- and because she personally "tested positive for the breast cancer gene" -- Allison Gilbert convinced herself that preventative mastectomies for both of her breasts was her best option for avoiding breast cancer.

Myth: Cancer is a genetic disease that cannot be avoided through nutrition

Like many other Western women, Gilbert has apparently bought into the notion that cancer is primarily a genetic disease that is passed down the family line, and that there is really nothing a person can to do avoid it. While actual science has definitively proven this theory to be patently false, it is the prevailing theory of the day when it comes to cancer risk, and the one that continues to be parroted by both the medical establishment and the mainstream media.

As she explains in her detailed account over at CNN, Gilbert's fears about cancer are what drove her to have her healthy breasts sliced off, admitting at the same time that numerous doctors recommended this barbaric procedure as a viable option for her. Though she admits she was under "high-risk surveillance (for breast cancer) for more than a decade," with no indication that she ever had any trace of cancer, Gilbert decided that none of this was enough, and that she simply had to have her breasts removed.

Myth: 'Preventative' surgery is a viable way to avoid getting cancer

Gilbert had apparently been indoctrinated several years prior into the myth that so-called preventative surgery would help her avoid getting cancer, having previously complied with her gynecologist's "urging" that she also have her ovaries removed back in 2007. Gilbert admits that she essentially convinced herself, surely with some help from the conventional medical system, that preventative surgery was her only way to avoid getting cancer, writing that "every surgery substitute seemed locked in hope, not statistics."

As ludicrous as all this sounds -- and it truly is ludicrous in every sense of the word -- this is the type of madness that is being openly embraced, and pushed, by the medical-industrial complex right now in 2012. It is reminiscent of the so-called "dark days" of medicine in which young, healthy children deemed to have "mental illnesses" were sliced open without anesthetics, and relieved of their bodily organs, which were falsely believed to be harboring bacterial infections. (

It is pseudoscience at its worst, and it is coming back into vogue in modern times as the solution to avoiding cancer. Do you have the BRCA gene? Never mind utilizing nutrition and healthy lifestyle to effectively fight cancer at the genetic level -- just get rid of those cancer-harboring breasts as soon as possible or you might die, women are told. This, of course, is nothing but fear-driven hysteria, but it is one of the primary tactics driving the cancer industry today.

Be sure to read Anthony Gucciardi's response to Gilbert's editorial, which includes some fascinating tidbits from a Norwegian study that examined the important role of food in affecting gene expression, including the BRCA gene:

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