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Originally published September 22 2012

While YouTube censors videos critical of TSA, it openly allows videos promoting DDoS hacking services

by J. D. Heyes

(NaturalNews) In America, where freedom of speech is supposed to reign supreme, there is still censorship, even at our country's mature age. And what's more, the problem is getting worse.

In recent months, for example, YouTube and Google put an age restriction to access to a satirical video about the Transportation Security Administration, produced by our founder and editor, Mike Adams, the Health Ranger. The video, entitled, TSA: Help Wanted, highlighted the agency's crass and absurd policies and procedures, as well a growing number of officers hired by the agency as screeners (many have criminal records and many more have been arrested for a host of crimes, ranging from theft to child pornography).

But apparently it's okay with YouTube to allow hackers to promote their services, uninhibited and without restriction, even though the very act of hacking is malicious in nature and often involves theft of private information.

No worries about being pulled or restricted

In one video, a seller who goes by the name Gwapo is especially open about his/her business. The video, which is narrated by an American male, promotes a website called DDoS Service (DDoS is short for "Distributed Denial of Service"), is also apparently accessible by everyone - no limitations, no restrictions.

In the one minute, 48 second video, the man hawks the hacker's wares:

So you're here for one reason...If that reason is because you need your business competitors, rivals, haters...or whatever the reason is, or who, they are to go down! Well you, my friend, you came to the right place. If you want your business competitors to go down, well, they can. If you want your rivals to go offline, well, they will. Not only that, we're providing a short-term to long-term DDoS service or scheduled attack. Starting at five dollars per hour for small personal websites, to 10 to 50 per hour for huge, DDoS-protected websites. Prices may depend on how huge the website is, or how protected it is.

The announcer goes onto say the hacker service has four years of "DDoS-ing experience," as well as "several years of studying on DDoS protection," and that it is "capable of handling the sites for days, weeks, months..."

He then provides several email addresses in which interested parties can contact the service, and adds that the service only accepts "secure" forms of payment, for mutual security.

"It is a remarkably brazen piece of marketing. Perhaps even more remarkable is the fact that YouTube allows such videos to be published. Since being thrown on the site in mid-June, it has already acquired over 32,000 views," says TechWeekEurope, a British-based technology website.

Unabashed, uninhibited - and unrestricted - marketing

It's not the first video produced and posted on YouTube to create business for the hacker firm. In the second video:

Hello, hackers. I'm promoting Gwapo's Professional DDoS Service. We are here to provide you a cheap, professional DDoS service. We have been running this service on hack forums for months. And, serving a few huge companies outside hack forums.

The remainder of the one-minute, 10-second video essentially provides the same information as the first video, but it's the presentation - and the fact that such services can be posted and promoted without restriction, while other content, such as a satirical TSA video, is not worthy of the same free speech protections.

"DDoSers are unafraid of outlandish promotion. They know there is money to be earned here, and they know there is plenty of competition," said the British tech website.

Why would they be? They don't have to worry about YouTube's restrictions.


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