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Originally published September 16 2012

Man saved by vitamin C to lead protest at corrupt Auckland Hospital

by Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) A New Zealand dairy farmer who overcame life-threatening pneumonia using intravenous vitamin C injections is staging a protest at the hospital that wanted to kill him rather than administer the unconventional treatment. On September 15 from 12-2 p.m., Allan Smith will protest Auckland Hospital's continued refusal to recognize intravenous vitamin C injections as a legitimate treatment protocol for serious illness, despite the fact that peer-reviewed science has repeatedly proven its efficacy.

During a vacation he took to Fiji back in 2009, Allan contracted the so-called "swine flu," which eventually developed into full-blown pneumonia. Allan's infection became so severe that he went into a coma and had to be admitted to Auckland Hospital's intensive care unit (ICU), where his lungs ended up completely filling with an opaque fluid. After being put on life support and held in the ICU for three weeks, doctors declared there was nothing else they could do to help Allan, and advised his family to simply "pull the plug" on him.

Allan's family refuses to let him fall victim to Western medicine's 'death' care

Fortunately for Allan, his wife Sonia's brother had some existing knowledge about the effectiveness of vitamin C to treat infections, and asked Auckland Hospital doctors to try administering the nutrient to Allan intravenously before taking him off life support. Initially, all the doctors at the hospital refused to honor this request, insisting there was no credible science to back vitamin C as a viable treatment. If it were not for one doctor in particular who "felt slightly uneasy" about killing Allan without at least trying the vitamin C treatment, Allan would have been forcibly sacrificed on the altar of conventional medicine.

After much persistence and persuasion by Allan's family, doctors reluctantly agreed one evening to give Allan a 25-gram dose of intravenous vitamin C, followed by another 25-gram dose the next morning. A CAT scan taken that afternoon showed immediate improvement in air flow through Allan's lungs, and just a few days later, x-rays revealed that Allan's lungs were no longer white. By the end of just a few weeks of treatment, Allan completely recovered from his condition, in spite of his doctors' repeated attempts to stop the treatment during that time.

"The improvement was dramatic, clear and plain for all to see," writes Dr. Jeffrey Dach, M.D., about Allan's amazing improvement, which was stymied several times along the way by arrogant doctors who repeatedly tried to take Allan off the vitamin C treatment against his family's wishes. "However, the doctors denied it was the vitamin C (that helped), and instead attributed [Allan's] improvement to 'turning patient into a prone position.'"

Doctors deny vitamin C played any role in Allan's recovery

The only reason Allan Smith is alive today is because his family cared enough about him to force the conventional medical system to use a proven, but unaccepted, treatment method to cure his condition. But the very same doctors that initially tried to refuse the treatment, later denied that vitamin C had anything to do with Allan's recovery, illustrating the total lack of common sense and rampant arrogance that plagues Western medicine today.

Rather than concede that intravenous vitamin C is a proven healer, as illustrated by at least three randomized, placebo-controlled studies, doctors at Auckland Hospital tried to claim that Allan recovered because they shifted him around in his bed. And to this very day, these same doctors refuse to use intravenous vitamin C injections on any of their other patients, which is resulting in many needless deaths.

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