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Originally published August 22 2012

Vaccine shills now pushing Gardasil jab on teens who don't even have sex

by Jonathan Benson, staff writer

(NaturalNews) Ever since Gardasil, the vaccine for human papillomavirus (HPV), hit the market back in 2006, the vaccine industry has been pushing the three-part jab on more and more people, including boys, who do not even have cervixes and thus cannot develop cervical cancer. Now, the vaccine industry has fallen to an all-time low by recommending that young children who are not even having sex, and are thus not susceptible to HPV infection, get the jab because they might somehow contract the disease out of thin air.

A recent study out of Cincinnati Children's Hospital (CCH), which just so happens to have been funded by Merck & Co., the creator of Gardasil, suggests that regardless of whether or not a child is having sex, he or she is still at risk of contracting HPV infection. And the only way to lower this risk, claims the industry-funded study, is by making sure that all children are vaccinated with Gardasil.

The poorly-constructed study involved asking a group of young, African-American girls, most of which turned out to be sexually active anyway, whether or not they had ever had sexual intercourse. Based on the girls' responses, just under 12 percent of those who indicated that they had never had sexual intercourse were found to be infected with at least one strain of HPV, which researchers used to make the claim that sexually inactive girls are still at risk for HPV.

It is unclear from the study how the questions were posed, and whether or not the girls that participated were clear on what the questions meant. Nevertheless, the research team, led by CCH Assistant Professor of Pediatrics Lea Widdice, interpreted the data to mean that basically all girls, sexually active or not, are at risk of developing HPV infection, and are thus in need of vaccination with Gardasil.

CCH sham study nothing more than Gardasil advertising disguised in 'science'

These findings, of course, are exactly what Merck & Co. was hoping for -- or perhaps deliberately planned for -- when funding and launching the study, which was published in the journal Archives of Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine. And even though it is scientifically shaky at best, the study will now be used to make the case that all young people need to be vaccinated with Gardasil, regardless of whether or not they are virgins.

Meanwhile, the unofficial total for serious, adverse events associated with Gardasil vaccination now tops 26,000, a figure that almost never gets talked about by the mainstream media. Among those who have been permanently injured by Gardasil, at least 116 have died as a result of the vaccine. Another 5,373, as of this writing, have developed permanent disabilities from Gardasil, and are not expected to recover (

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