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Originally published July 10 2012

Seven ways to find joy in tough times

by PF Louis

(NaturalNews) These are tough times getting tougher. We all should know by now that stress may be the number one catalyst for bad health. But denial is not the answer. We need to understand more about the reality of our times in order to survive.

The trick is to do so while retaining a level of equanimity and compassionate detachment, not merely forced cold indifference. Through equanimity, the spark of joy can ignite happiness no matter what the environment is forcing on us.

True happiness comes from within, and there are anecdotes of people in captivity under harsh conditions having an inward sense of serene freedom even while others around them were suffering.

Those moments of clarity and joy under harsh conditions occurred spontaneously only after their inner soil had been cultivated. Working on that inner soil is what the following seven tips are about.

(1) Curb anger and rage:

Getting angry with the likes of Monsanto, the cancer industry, vaccinators, mainstream media, and the willful ignorance of most of the human race is understandable. At least it's better than feeling like a lone apathetic victim.

But it will ruin you, not serve you in the long run. Whenever you find yourself beginning to seethe, get out quickly and calmly. You're toast if anger and rage become chronic.

(2) Keep good company:

Hang with supportive people with whom you are comfortable and can share your views humorously, even if only with Facebook. Ideally, that could involve at least some family. Extended families survive better during hard times by sharing. It's a tradition that has been ignored by the "upwardly mobile."

(3) Practice real kindness:

Allow your compassion to grow by helping others, including animals. Do it out of genuine concern and love. You don't have to forget in order to forgive. Grudges affect you negatively more than those against you hold in contempt.

(4) Be in the moment:

Think less of the past and don't worry much about the future. The mind loves to do that. But the part of you that experiences joy is not the mind. Day dreaming might help you feel good, but it leads to delusion.

Good music can help you be in the moment. Some use mantras. Others admire nature's beauty.

(5) Get involved more with nature:

Take walks in nature and observe trees, birds, sky and clouds with interest. Just don't get upset about the chemtrails! Practice aware detachment instead.

If you can, try some gardening or sprouting. Many find they relax while getting connected and centered that way, while getting less anxious about the future of their food!

Another centering device using nature is grounding. Simply standing on bare earth, barefoot, has the effect of helping you feel centered and, well - grounded. (

(6) Be happy more:

Allowing yourself to laugh more may eventually give you the notion that you can turn it on yourself. A young lady friend in Chicago once complained to a Zen master that she was mostly unhappy. His advice - be happy!

Enjoy healthy comedy entertainment. Even better, simply practice laughter yoga. (

(7) Get involved in spiritual practices:

Dealing with the subtle energies of yoga or chi-gong will allow you to maintain your health regardless of how much supplements are suppressed in the future. (

Meditation, the pearl of all spiritual practices leads to the serenity of your inner being, and has also proven to maintain good health. Love life and become your own best friend. As the wise advise, become the change you want in the world.

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