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Originally published June 23 2012

Mom illegally kicked out of library for breastfeeding in public

by PF Louis

(NaturalNews) Hadley Barrows was recently kicked out of the Minneapolis Central Public Library for discreetly breastfeeding her baby on a bench in an atrium area of the library. Minnesota law allows mothers to nurse their babies in public and private areas.

But the security guard told Hadley she was exhibiting indecent exposure and should go outside or in the bathroom to breastfeed her child. Hadley then complained to a librarian who simply agreed with the security guard.

The local CBS TV station covered the incident by interviewing a county official and Hadley, who commented on the obstacles for breastfeeding and the irony of municipal library workers being unaware of Minnesota's law allowing public breastfeeding.

An earlier, more notorious, high profile public breast feeding incident with negative repercussions occurred from a photo of two mothers breastfeeding their babies while wearing their Air Force uniforms.

That photo was one of several innocent photographs of different mothers breastfeeding babies on Crystal Scott's blog promoting her mom2mom breastfeeding support group. The intention was to make posters with slogans and distribute them as part of breastfeeding awareness month. (

The two young ladies in uniform were reprimanded for using Air Force uniforms as part of a non-military promotional campaign. The photo shoot organizer, Crystal Scott, had served in the Army and is currently a military wife. She was immediately fired from her position as a radiology technician at a local civilian medical center.

Crystal claims her firing was mostly due to her campaign photos and her complaints of sexual discrimination that kept her out of working better hours. The medical institution claimed that Crystal's media attention and support group enthusiasm grossly distracted her from normal duties.

Breastfeeding is more important now than ever

Various baby formulas contain high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), sugar, artificial sweeteners, and sometimes even sodium fluoride or GMOs. They are usually packaged or used in plastic bottles that contain BPA (bisphenol-A), which creates hormonal imbalances.

There's even a synthetic formula that has come under fire designed to replicate mother's milk omega-3 and omega-6 balance. The synthetic version used in several baby formulas is derived from toxic sources, and adverse effects have occurred, often with the babies fed with infant formulas using those synthetic compounds. (

Natural mother's milk from humans and animals are what infants need for strong immune systems. Breastfed children have better health and longer lives. In Finland, the Netherlands, and Belgium, over half the newborns are breastfed for a few years, not just a few months.

Breastfed children experience a bonded security that promotes a strong sense of self. Breastfeeding is good for mothers' health too, even protecting against breast cancer. (

Caveat for breastfeeding: Mothers need to ensure their own toxic intakes are minimal as early as possible. That means excluding fluoridated water, junk food, alcohol, sodas, GMOs, hormone and antibiotic injected meat and dairy, and commercially sprayed crop foods. Avoiding toxic fumes is a good idea too.

Breastfeeding should be promoted whenever and wherever babies demand it, and bystanders need to get used to it.

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