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Originally published April 28 2012

Medical breakthrough? Inviting patients to be involved in their own care

by PF Louis

(NaturalNews) A series of recent articles obtained from medical press releases all hailed a "new" concept just introduced into mainstream medicine: Allowing medical patients and clinical trial subjects to be more involved with their treatments. This is a new concept for the mainstream medical monopoly, but not for truly holistic medicine.

Holistic was a term used in one of the articles, all of which are linked in the sources below. The term is a bit inappropriate considering that not one of the articles mentioned the type of dietary and herbal approaches practiced by real holistic practitioners, which are usually marginalized, ridiculed, or even harassed by Medical Mafia minions.

If you're curious enough, click any of the links below and read on. Keep in mind this is mainstream media (MSM) reporting on mainstream medicine. Allopathic mainstream medicine is generally regarded as the only medical intervention worthy of reporting or using in our literally sick culture.

So what's this new innovation the Medical Mafia is benevolently proposing? Attention to the patient as a person, basically. But keep in mind this is only within the realm of what allopathic medicine can offer. In other words, one can now literally participate in choosing one's poison.

Sarcasm aside, this is an improved direction from the general arrogance practiced by allopathic doctors who only look at specific test results while ignoring questions or comments from the patient, even when the patient is complaining of adverse side effects. Sometimes complaining of side effects is dangerous.

For example, the psychiatric pharmacological standard of care recommends increasing dosages for patients who complain of side effects. They think the primary dosage is insufficient if one experiences strangeness. Forget that certain phenomena did not exist before that prescribed dose.

After all, the patient doesn't know what's going on. Prescribing more drugs and increasing dosages is psychiatry's remedy.

Take advantage of mainstream medical resources without committing to them completely

When it comes to extreme medical emergencies and physical trauma from accidents, allopathic solutions work well. Treating acute medical emergencies and physical injuries are usually best handled by mainstream allopathic interventions.

Just make sure you do what's necessary to recover from their drugs after you bail out of the system. Ask questions about any antibiotics. Treat yourself with probiotics during or after forced antibiotic usage. Refuse fluoroquinolone based antibiotics (

When it comes to disease, many are forced into the allopathic medical system by insurance coverage or other medical financial coverage plans. Unfortunately, too many are still convinced mainstream medicine has the only solution for any disease.

For those of you who know better, here are some suggestions.

If you or your child is forced into taking psychotropic meds, fake them out by pretending to take them while looking for an orthomolecular psychiatrist ( or follow the GAPS Diet (

If a tumor is actually blocking blood or oxygen flow or the digestive and elimination process, it may be a good idea to remove the tumor while investigating real cancer solutions prohibited by the Medical Mafia.

Beware of this "acceptable" practice: Mainstream oncologists remove thyroids to determine if tiny blips on ultrasonic readings are cancerous (

Mainstream medicine is best exploited by using their testing machinery for stool, urine, and blood samples to determine what's going on. Those readings should be used for seeking help from a more holistic venue. Minimize X-rays or CT Scans (

There are several holistic options to discover by utilizing the search box on the NaturalNews home page. Educate yourself. Avoid becoming a disease-care, human money machine for the Medical Mafia while experiencing constant deteriorating health.

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