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Originally published January 20 2012

Change the way you think about your health

by Cindy Jones-Shoeman

(NaturalNews) People who use Western medicine have for a long time viewed their health as something they can manage rather than something that is affected by everything they do. After all, it might seem a lot easier to some people to just pop a pill to take care of an ailment rather than examine their lifestyle and make permanent changes. Perhaps it is easier, but it is not necessarily the best way to care for one's health.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, 48% of Americans during any given month take a prescription drug, a percentage that has increased over the last decade. In fact, Americans spent more than $234 billion on prescription drugs in 2008. It is apparent that Americans think pills are the solution to all that ails them.

That is not surprising. For example, most Natural News readers already know that poor nutrition and exercise habits have caused diabetes to spiral out of control in the U.S. According to the American Diabetes Association, over 25 million Americans have the disease. And, once diagnosed, are people cured of this illness? No, but they are given drugs to help them manage this disease. They are given things like Nateglinide to force the body to release insulin or Metformin to cause the body to become more sensitive to insulin. Surely, patients are also told about ways to manage their diabetes through their diet and exercise habits as well, but these approaches are often secondary to medication solutions.

No quick fix when it comes to health

Perhaps it comes down to patients rethinking the way they think about their health. Instead of deciding to take medication immediately and considering pharmaceutical solutions to be the ultimate answer, patients might want to look at their overall lifestyle and examine choices they can make to solve the problem themselves. In the case of the above example, why not make a complete lifestyle change before resorting to medication? Mike Adams himself has explained how diabetes can be cured -- completely reversed -- by making a few changes. None of his suggestions involve taking a pill. Instead, they involve changing one's lifestyle through diet, exercise, and even getting a little sunshine.

So, no, there is no easy quick fix. People who just choose to take medication and continue living their lives as they have, poor habits and all, will eventually face even bigger medical problems. How many people have had a triple bypass but don't change their eating habits and face another surgical solution a few years down the road? Better for people to instead rethink their views about their health and make permanent changes that they'll never regret.

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About the author:
Cindy Jones-Shoeman is the author of Last Sunset.
Some of Cindy's interests include environmental issues, vegetarian and sustainable lifestyles, music, and reading.

Cindy Jones-Shoeman is the author of Last Sunset. Some of Cindy's interests include environmental issues, vegetarian and sustainable lifestyles, music, and reading.

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