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Originally published January 19 2012

Wild edible plants and natural solutions for diabetes

by Jonathan Landsman

(NaturalNews) Why should you care about wild edibles? Because many health experts agree that wild edibles are the highest quality, best foods available to eat. The NaturalNews Talk Hour presents "Wild Edibles - The Miracle of Greens" with our special guest Sergei Boutenko, raw food expert.

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The value of wild edibles

Have you been to your local health food store lately? It's expensive! But, if you eat wild edibles, you can save lots of money and dramatically improve your health - at the same time. Try adding some Arrowroot, Chickweed or Cattail to your next smoothie, soup or salad - that's powerful nutrition!

In addition, wild edibles can be considered one of the best sources for quality food on the planet - today. Thanks to Monsanto and the genetic engineering of our food supply - it's getting harder and harder to find genuinely (pure) organic food. Wild plant food tends to be richer in mineral content (vs. conventionally grown produce) and provide delicious flavor! Join us for an inspirational show and learn how to eliminate ANY health problem with wholesome foods.

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Wild edible harvesting tips

(Warning) Disclaimer: Never eat a plant unless you are absolutely sure it is edible. When in doubt - always ask an expert or don't eat it!

Even though there are many health benefits connected to eating wild foods, like breathing fresh air, exercise and improving your nutrition - you still must educate yourself. Keep in mind, there are non-edible (toxic) plants which grow near edible foods. Therefore, always take the time to learn how to positively identify wild plants and then exercise caution when gathering them to eat.

Knowledge is power. Before you start eating wild foods - treat yourself to a good book on the subject or consider taking a workshop. Naturally, another way to educate yourself is by using the internet - but be sure that the photos are big and clear to help you identify those toxic plants. Our next program will help you on your journey toward better health.

This week's guest: Sergei Boutenko, Raw Food Expert

Wild Edibles - The Miracle of Greens - Thu. Jan. 19

When Sergei Boutenko was just nine years old - he was diagnosed with diabetes. The family doctor told his parents he had to go on insulin immediately. But, his mother (Victoria) opted to search for an alternative to synthetic insulin and accidentally stumbled onto the raw food diet.

Sergei started eating a raw food diet and almost instantly felt relief from his diabetic symptoms. This inspired him to go forth with eating organic living foods until long after he was given a clean bill of health by numerous doctors. For over 16 years, Sergei has been living completely free from diabetes!

You can reverse any dis-ease by changing the way you feed yourself. Don't believe what the pharmaceutical commercials say on television about diet and exercise. Many health experts tell us they're lying. Join us for an exciting show designed to help YOU enjoy optimal health. Click this link - and enter your email for FREE show details + a FREE gift!

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