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Originally published December 30 2011

New year resolution - Start your day with a good breakfast (Opinion)

by Marsha Anderson

(NaturalNews) The recipe below was developed by Dr William Donald Kelley, DDS, MS (November 1, 1925 - January 30, 2005). Dr Kelley cured himself of metastatic pancreatic cancer. In 1962 when he was 37 years old, he was told by his doctor that he had only months to live and that conventional medicine had nothing to offer him to help his condition. He was not about to go home and quietly 'get his affairs in order'. Because he had nothing to lose, he began doing his own research and experimenting on himself. There were tumors in his liver that were visibly bulging out from his stomach, and he used them as a diagnostic signal to judge the efficacy of his trials. When he made a misstep, the tumors visibly grew. When he was on the right track, they shrank. He developed a protocol based largely on nutrition, natural supplements including pancreatic enzymes, and detoxification including coffee enemas. The cereal recipe below was part of his routine. Dr Kelley went on to live 43 more years, and along the way he helped hundreds of other people (many of them also diagnosed as terminal regained their health).

Raw Whole Grain Cereal

Mix together in a large container one pound of each of the following grains, seeds and nuts:

Wheat berries
oat groats
brown rice
mung beans

Store this mixture in the refrigerator. At night take four tablespoons of this mixture and grind it in a coffee grinder, seed mill, or high-speed blender. Put the ground seeds in a bowl and just cover it with pure water (approximately 2/3 of a cup). Allow to stand at room temperature overnight. In the morning add whatever you like to your cereal; a couple of tablespoons of molasses is a tasty, nutritious addition. A topping of fruit would be a good choice too. It isn't necessary to begin with all 14 of the ingredients, and an excellent cereal can be made with a combination of any four of the grains above. The ingredients can be varied depending on taste and availability. The freshest, organic grains will yield the healthiest result.

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About the author:
Marsha Anderson practices organic gardening, plant based nutrition, and healthy living in sunny San Diego, California.

Marsha Anderson practices organic gardening, plant based nutrition, and healthy living in sunny San Diego, California.

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