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Originally published December 14 2011

Brazilian bandits steal 55 tons of corn from moving train

by Jonathan Benson, staff writer

(NaturalNews) It is no secret that the cost of food is rising, and this is due to inflation of fiat currencies around the world and a growing shortage of staple food crops. As predicted, thieves are increasingly targeting food rather than inedible goods and money because of its increasing value, as was the case in Brazil recently when criminals stole 55 tons of corn from a moving train.

According to reports, the bandits greased a portion of the tracks on which the train had been traveling between the city of Sao Paulo and the port city of Santos. The slippery tracks created conditions where the train had to slow down significantly, which allowed the hijackers to bring in a towing mechanism and lift the containers of corn from the train cars and into their own possession.

When all was said and done, the thieves were able to successfully lift about 55 tons of corn from the train before it reached the port which, based on current corn prices, is valued at roughly $15,000. The same train was also carrying sugar, but reports do not indicate whether or not the thieves also took this staple crop.

Back in March, NaturalNews covered the potential collapse of American agriculture due to the drying up of water aquifers ( This is just one of the many causes contributing to the decline of agriculture both in the US and around the world. Combined with the mass printing of rapidly-inflating fiat currencies, the situation is truly dire for the world's agricultural systems, which in the future may see more raping and pillaging like what occurred in Brazil.

That anyone would go through this much trouble to steal $15,000 worth of corn kernels says a lot about the current state of our world. Desperation is increasing in many countries around the world as citizens watch their economies disintegrate and their currencies dissolve. And the thing of highest importance when these systems fail is not necessarily guns and gold, but rather food.

Many governments already recognize this reality, though, which is why some of them are now stockpiling food in anticipation of potential food shortages. The collapsing US economy, for instance, is sure to result in widespread civil unrest. And this combined with ever-rising food costs in general makes food even that much more of an attractive target (

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