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Originally published November 15 2011

Lysol bribes customers with cash prizes to get their flu shots, recruit others

by Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) A few weeks ago, NaturalNews reported on the uptick in promotional gimmicks this year that aim to get more people vaccinated against influenza ( Well now chemical cleaning product and disinfectant spray company Lysol has jumped on the bribery bandwagon with a new campaign that offers not only cash rebates to customers who submit proof that they got their flu shot, but also a contest with thousands of dollars in cash prizes for those who recruit the most friends and family members to get theirs as well.

The vaccine industry and its corporate allies are apparently having trouble convincing enough people to get their flu shots using the typical shoddy pseudoscience, and are instead having to resort to lame gimmicks that appeal to customer pocketbooks instead. Lysol customers who buy at least one Lysol product and also get their flu shot are eligible for a $5 cash rebate from the company. And those who recruit the most people to get their shot as part of Lysol's Flu Shot Challenge on Facebook are eligible to win even more money.

"Create a flu-free network with your Facebook friends by sharing the Flu Fighter Badge and receive a $5 flu shot rebate with the purchase of any Lysol product," reads the company's promotional page. "The person who has the most friends in their flu-free network by December 15th, 2011 could win a $1,500 grand prize, $1,000 2nd place prize or $500 3rd place prize."

You can view Lysol's flu shot promotional page here:

This latest stunt by Lysol reeks of drug company influence -- after all, what major company would offer free cash to customers who get their flu shots if it did not have something to gain? It appears as though Lysol has struck up some kind of deal with vaccine manufacturers to promote flu shots, and thousands of Lysol customers have apparently already fallen for the gimmick, based on numbers posted on the company's website.

Lysol obviously has not taken a closer look at the so-called science surrounding flu shots, otherwise it would know that they are medically useless and can cause serious health problems. A recent study published in the journal The Lancet, for instance, revealed that flu shots appear to work in only 1.5 out of every 100 adults ( And researchers involved in a recent Texas study on a new "universal" flu shot admitted that current flu shots are ineffective at preventing the flu (

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