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Originally published November 7 2011

Regenerate and recharge with Fucoidan

by Derrell Jones

(NaturalNews) This toxic world we live in requires finding ways to properly nourish our bodies. Fortunately, the Earth provides us with a powerful regenerative plant that is so profound that over 900 studies can be found in the National Library of Medicine's PubMed database. The plant is called Limu Moui and one of its main active ingredients is fucoidan.

Limu Moui is a sea plant (seaweed if you will) found generally in the waters surrounding Japan and Tonga. Harvesting it for centuries, Asian cultures have and continue to consume this prized plant from the sea to great benefit. Anecdotal evidence has always suggested that Limu Moui has restorative and health maintenance value. Now scientific evidence has confirmed what the Japanese and Tongans have known for quite some time. Limu Moui with its fucoidan is wonderful.

Fucoidan, an active ingredient in Limu Moui, is a powerful complex polysaccharide that supports nearly every system in the body. Studies have shown that it not only supports liver function, which is necessary for blood detoxification and weight control, but also stimulates proper cellular growth and division. The implication for appropriate cellular division is a great benefit to consider because of the ever increasing cancer rates (cancer can begin as the result of improper cellular division). Fucoidan has also been shown to support blood glucose levels; this helps to keep the body within normal ranges, which would prove a true benefit to those suffering from Diabetes Mellitus (Type II Diabetes) or those considered to be pre-diabetic. Enhanced hormone functions have also been observed in individuals taking in fucoidan. In addition, fucoidan has been indicated in enhancing immune, circulatory and digestive functions. Taken in concentrated forms, it is even known to increase energy and enhance a person's skin appearance.

Turn to nature once again and allow Limu Moui to give the advantages we need to regenerate and maintain our health. The second law of the Hippocratic Oath is to let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food. The sea surrenders her food bounty to us for our collective benefit. Limu Moui and fucoidan is a non-toxic powerful miracle of nature and one that cannot and should not be ignored.


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