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Originally published October 24 2011

Health Ranger interviews Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski about innovative cancer treatment, establishment's suppression of truth about the cure

by Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) Some of the world's most legitimate and innovative cancer research is currently taking place at the Burzynski Clinic in Houston, Texas. But many people are unaware of it due to the suppression of this important work by the medical-industrial complex, which sees only conventional chemotherapy, radiation, and invasive surgery as viable treatments for the deadly disease.

In a recent interview on Infowars Nightly News (INN), Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, speaks with Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, the creator of an innovative cancer treatment technique known as Personalized Gene Targeted Cancer Therapy. This unique therapy is customized for each patient, and it has a much higher success rate in curing cancer than all conventional forms of cancer treatment (

Rather than be welcomed with open arms by the cancer industry, Dr. Burzynski and his amazing work have been largely rejected by mainstream medicine. The Texas Medical Board, the National Cancer Institute, and US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), for instance, have all tried to shut down Dr. Burzynski's clinic on numerous occasions, even though it has been highly successful in curing cancer.

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Dr. Burzynski's specialized treatment uses antineoplastons, which are replicated components of the body's natural biochemical defense system, to target molecular switches that regulate cell function. This combination of peptides, amino acid derivatives and organic acids effectively forces abnormal cancer cells to die off, while protecting healthy cells from harm.

"They were looking for how to take away my invention, and they saw that the best way to do it (was) to prove that it doesn't work in the clinical trials, which we sponsored. So that's why they use lower dosages, why they discontinue the treatment after about a month, knowing that obviously this is too short a time to have any good results," says Burzynski concerning the establishment's efforts to destroy his work. "So this is pretty much criminal activity because people came trusting that they should receive adequate treatment and they did not."

Dr. Burzynski has been able to successfully thwart most of the assaults against him, but it has not come without a huge legal fight. Fortunately, his clinic is still in operation, and continues to successfully treat individuals with cancer -- and many of these patients are having their cancers cured, and are going on to live normal, healthy lives.

"Our patients for the most part have a great quality of life, especially some of the children who are treated with our antineoplastons," says Dr. Gregory Burzynski, son and successor of Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski. "They essentially had little to no side effects. A lot of children that are treated with the conventional oncologic therapies, their growth is stunted, they might have some cognitive deficits, but with a lot of these folks that are now adults, they have only health, great health."

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