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Originally published October 19 2011

Will vitamins really kill you? Health Ranger interviews Dr. David Brownstein about media's latest attack on vitamins

by Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) The mainstream media has been having a field day with a new study published in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine that came to the outrageous conclusion that vitamins may be unsafe and possibly deadly for older women. But in a recent segment on Infowars Nightly News (INN), fill-in host Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, speaks with Dr. David Brownstein about why the study data actually shows that vitamins and dietary supplements are highly beneficial.

You may have already seen some of the outrageous headlines associated with the study, including such gems as "Study links vitamins to higher death rates in women," or "We've Been Wasting a Ton of Money on Vitamins and Dietary Supplements." As scary as these might sound, the reality of the matter is that not only was the study conducted in a illegitimate and untrustworthy manner, but its data does not even match the final conclusion made that nutrients are potentially deadly.

"This study says absolutely nothing about vitamins," stated Dr. David Brownstein during the INN interview. "If this study was done in reverse where vitamins were shown to be effective, no journal would have printed this study because it was so poorly done."

You can watch the segment from the October 13 edition of INN, which begins at 21:46, at the following link:

Researchers conducted the study observationally over an 18-year period, and participants were asked to fill out a survey on three different occasions. Gathered as part of the larger Iowa Women's Health Study, this data included the women's dietary habits and supplement intake compared to their overall mortality rates.

You can also view a summary of the study here:

Or read the coverage of this by Mike Adams, who called the news coverage of this issue a "media hoax":

Study data actually show that vitamins and supplements decrease mortality rates

But the data included in the report actually shows that popular nutrients like vitamin D, magnesium, selenium, and many others are actually responsible for an overall decrease in mortality rates, rather than the alleged increase suggested by the study's conclusion statements, and amplified by the media.

And yet the esteemed Archives of Internal Medicine shamelessly published the study anyway without so much as a second thought, and the mainstream media, which happens to be sponsored in large part by the pharmaceutical industry, ensured that the misinformation was disseminated to as many unsuspecting members of the public as possible.

"It's another in a long line of the media cherry-picking a negative study about vitamins," added Dr. Brownstein. "And this study wasn't really negative about vitamins, it was a neutral study on vitamins, and it was very poorly done and shouldn't have been reported in the first place, and it shouldn't have been published in this prestigious journal in the first place."

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