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Originally published October 10 2011

Freedom Riders to stage demonstration at FDA headquarters on November 1 in defense of raw milk

by Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) Tired of having their health freedom oppressed by an overbearing US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), mothers from across the US are joining together for a "freedom ride" and protest on November 1, 2011, in defense of the right to transport raw milk across state lines. These mothers and their supporters will travel to Pennsylvania to purchase raw milk, drive back into the state of Maryland where raw milk sales are illegal, and stage a peaceful demonstration in front of FDA headquarters in Silver Spring.

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Maryland is one of 11 US states where raw milk sales are currently illegal. The retail sale of raw milk is legal in nearby Pennsylvania, but FDA interstate commerce laws prohibits individuals from driving there or to other nearby states to legally buy it and bring it back into Maryland. So because FDA has refused to open up a dialogue to discuss the issue, mothers who cherish the freedom to feed their families this wholesome food product will instead bring the debate right to the FDA's front door instead.

"It is absolutely ridiculous that the FDA is spending time, energy and money on turning mothers into criminals over milk," says Liz Reitzig, co-founder of the Farm Food Freedom Coalition (FFFC), which is responsible for the event, and co-coordinator of Grassfed on the Hill buying club in Washington DC. "It's high time we changed this law and decriminalized mothers who wish to provide fresh milk for their families."

Upon arrival at 10903 New Hampshire Avenue around noon on Nov. 1, the mothers will openly consume pastured, raw milk in front of FDA's facilities, and will also share it with their children and other event supporters, which will include renowned speakers Joel Salatin, Mark McAfee, David Gumphert, Max Kane, Michael Schmidt, and Liz Reitzig.

These speakers, which represent some of the best and brightest involved in the raw milk movement and the greater food freedom movement at large, will discuss the truth about raw milk's safety, why the raw milk issue is crucial to food freedom, and how concerned individuals can help fight against the government tyranny that is slowly eliminating freedom of food choice through restrictive legislation, open harassment, and even armed raids.

Adam Kokesh of Adam vs. The Man will be accompanying the caravan as an "embedded" reporter to provide continual coverage of the event, as will Robert Scott Bell from The Robert Scott Bell Show, which is aired on will also provide continual coverage of the event at -- and if you would like to join the riders, please contact Karine Bouis at [email protected] for more information.

The riders will make their first stop on Route 1 at the border of Pennsylvania and Maryland at 11am on Nov. 1. If you are unable to meet them there, you can also show up at FDA headquarters, where the riders will be arriving at noon. Be sure to bring banners and other materials expressing support for raw milk. And, if you choose to, you can also write messages on your vehicle windows as well.

If you are traveling from afar and would like information about accommodations near the event, contact: [email protected]

Live streaming of the Raw Milk Freedom Riders will be available on the day of the event at:

If you would like to financially support the efforts of FFFC, visit:

Also, be sure to stay tuned to for ongoing coverage of the event as the big day approaches.

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