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Originally published September 17 2011

Learn the secrets of sustained, vibrant health in Dr. Joel Fuhrman's new book 'Super Immunity'

by Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) Individuals who constantly worry about "catching" whatever new illness is going around from their coworkers or family members, or who become sick so often themselves that they routinely have to rely on conventional medicine just to survive daily life, are missing the boat entirely on what it means to truly develop and maintain a strong, sustainable immune system.

In his new book Super Immunity, renowned family physician and board-certified medical specialist in preventing and reversing disease Dr. Joel Fuhrman answers some very important questions about illness, including why some people are more prone to it, how our bodies become more or less susceptible to it and how to build the type of "super" immunity that effectively thwarts it altogether.

NaturalNews has highlighted the dedicated, informative, and valuable work of Dr. Fuhrman in the past, including his exclusive interview appearance in the documentary Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days ( Dr. Fuhrman truly is the real deal, as he understands the importance of proper nutrition and lifestyle choices in maintaining optimal health, and he incorporates this into his daily practice.

Dr. Fuhrman's new book explains in a simple but thorough manner how to build an immune system so strong and vibrant that it will be near impossible to develop colds, influenza, and many of the other common bacterial and viral maladies that most people suffer with throughout the year. And in the rare event that such an illness begins to take hold and produce visible symptoms, the immune response will be so strong that it will effectively knock it out in 24 hours or less.

You see, many disease "symptoms" are really just the natural response of the body fighting off a harmful invader. But the difference between a healthy immune system and an unhealthy immune system is that the former can effectively eradicate the condition and prevent it from evolving into something worse, while the latter will lead to a lifetime of illness.

Set for release on September 20, 2011, Super Immunity contains the latest nutritional science on healing and anti-cancer foods, as well as information about "superfoods" that contribute to developing "super" immunity. The book also contains a helpful daily menu planner, and 85 recipes to get you started in creating an immune-superior lifestyle.

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