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Originally published July 27 2011

Vitamin E tocotrienols improve metabolic markers to prevent vascular and cancer risks

by John Phillip

(NaturalNews) Very few people realize that there are eight different fractions of vitamin E known as tocotrienols that are essential to optimal health and protect against vascular diseases such as heart disease and stroke. Tocotrienols are so critical that new research demonstrates a shortage of these vitamin isomers can lead to premature chromosomal telomere shortening and reduced lifespan. Reporting in the Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology, researchers show that tocotrienols can extend the length of the zipper-like genetic strands and protect against DNA damage. Natural food sources for tocotrienols are few, so it may be necessary to supplement with this vital nutrient to reap the amazing vascular and life-extending benefits.

The length of a telomere determines how many times a cell can accurately split in the body`s never ending quest to repair itself and eliminate rogue cells that can lead to cancer. Typically cells will divide between 30 and 50 times during a lifetime, a number that varies depending on the cell type. Any mechanism that can prolong the frequency a cell requires to split or that can extend the length of the telomere will provide a youth-enhancing extension that down regulates the risk for cancer.

Telomeres are prematurely shortened by free radical attacks and negative lifestyle habits such as cigarette smoke, poor diet and lack of physical activity. The result of the Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology study found that the tocotrienol form of vitamin E enabled human cells to undergo telomere lengthening by rejuvenating telomerase, an enzyme known to preserve telomere structure and length. The study also found that tocotrienols prevented damage to delicate DNA strands and allowed the cells to rejuvenate, significantly lowering the risk of cancerous mutations that accumulate over many decades.

A supporting body of research published in the journal Nutrition and Metabolism found that supplementing with tocotrienols (160 mg per day for 6 months) markedly lowered the oxidized LDL lipid profile of adults over the age of 50. The study further determined that a damaging cause of free radicals known as advanced glycation end products (AGE`s) was reduced by the potent antioxidant properties exhibited by the vitamin sub fraction. AGE`s are known to escalate the risks associated with vascular disease (heart disease, stroke and congestive heart failure), and vitamin E tocotrienols provide significant support to halt the development of these deadly conditions.

Tocotrienols are rapidly emerging as a natural nutrient that can provide an invisible shield against chronic diseases that plague many aging adults. They can be found in many foods ranging from nuts and seeds to cold pressed oils, but most health-minded people will want to supplement to ensure a full range of all eight essential forms. In addition to traditional vitamin E listed on many multi-vitamins, be sure to supplement with a full-range formulation that lists all tocotrienols individually to maintain vascular health and lower cancer risk.

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