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Originally published July 22 2011

Mike Adams interviews Executive Director of Vitamin D Council

by Christina Luisa

(NaturalNews) An extensive audio interview with the Executive Director of the Vitamin D Council, Dr. John Cannell, MD, is now available on NaturalNews.

In the audio interview, Dr. Cannell speaks candidly with Mike Adams about various little-known facts and myths about Vitamin D, as well as the vastly important part this nutrient plays in shaping the health of each of us. This special, informative interview is brimming with over an hour's worth of insight about all things Vitamin D.

Listen to the full interview at:

The Vitamin D Council is a group of approximately 15 scientists, doctors, and PhDs, all respected in their fields -- some of which have authored significant publications on Vitamin D. The Council recently reviewed the most relevant literature on Vitamin D and subsequently tripled the daily Vitamin D dose recommendations for healthy adults, as well as doubled the upper limit -- or the amount of Vitamin D one can take without being under a doctor's care.

Vitamin D is a powerful activator and supporter of immune response; Dr. Cannell discusses the specific role it plays in this response and why this is so crucial to preventative health and healing.

Some examples of what else you will learn from Dr. Cannell:

• What the Vitamin D Council upped the daily Vitamin D dose recommendations (and upper limit) to for adults, teens, children, and infants.

• The links between Vitamin D deficiency and mental disorders such as schizophrenia and autism, as well as other diseases, like: diabetes, bone disorders, kidney health, cancer, mood, heart disease.

• Why Vitamin D level affects so many different aspects of health and areas of the body.

• How Vitamin D affects your genetic code and works in a very primitive way to treat and heal a variety of diseases.

• Why Cannell recommends a high daily dosage of Vitamin D and the effect this dose amount has on the storage of Vitamin D in the body.

• What percentage of breast milk in the US has no Vitamin D in it (due to the percentage of mothers who are Vitamin D deficient)... It's a startling statistic!

• What percentage of human genomes are directly regulated by Vitamin D.

• How Vitamin D affects the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of seasonal vaccines

• The danger of Vitamin D-deficient children receiving these vaccines.

• How Vitamin D deficiency plays into early autism symptoms in children, and autism in general.

• Why weaning toddlers from formula to juice is dangerous for their health and Vitamin D levels.

• How you can calculate how much Vitamin D you are making outdoors just by viewing your shadow.

• Why tanning outdoors in UVA rays does not necessarily mean one is creating Vitamin D.

• How UVB, which creates Vitamin D, is different from UVA, and is more like a ping pong ball then a ray of light.

• How you can still be generating Vitamin D if you are outdoors and under shade.

• Why Vitamin D deficiency is hard to properly diagnose.

• The best place to buy an affordable in-home blood test that properly measures your Vitamin D levels.

• Why it is a misconception that very frequent showering with lots of soap is beneficial for health.

• The effect our country's obsession with soap and cleanliness could be having on our Vitamin D levels.

• Why "sebum," or human oil, plays such a crucial role in staying healthy.

• How the cosmetology industry has played a huge part in the generation of the myth that sunlight is a carcinogen.

• How this same myth, paired with our society's "caveman complex" is negatively impacting our health and Vitamin D levels.

• How Vitamin D acts as a chelating agent to rid your body of heavy metals and toxins.

Listen to the full interview with Dr. Cannell here:

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