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Originally published July 6 2011

Choose your alternatives and avoid toxic sunscreen (Opinion)

by Tami Urbanek

(NaturalNews) This time of year, people are going to pools, water parks, and golfing, riding horses, and enjoying time at lakes and beaches. Many people are enjoying the sun for the vitamin D benefits. Enjoying the sun can also restore optimal levels of melatonin in the brain. Summer is a time in which to respect the sun and to understand the chemicals and possible side effects of various sunscreens. It is also a time to examine alternatives to toxic sunscreens.

Many individuals use sunscreen to protect the skin from a sunburn, premature aging, and skin cancer. However, what if the sunscreen itself caused other physical issues? What if different companies are touting their 'safe' and effective sunscreens, but they are not warning the public that it also contains chemicals that disrupt hormones and the thyroid and can cause skin issues? If the companies did advertise this, it would disrupt their monetary flow. Again, it seems that money is the motivating factor here, rather than the truth.

A few chemicals that are listed as ingredients in some sunscreens are Homosalate, Octinoxate, and Oxybenzone. Different companies may use different ingredients and organic sunscreens may not use toxic chemicals. It is wise to read the list of ingredients on the desired product and research the effects of those ingredients.

According to EWG's Skin Base Cosmetic Database's website, the research states that Homosalate is a weak hormone disruptor and forms toxic metabolites. Their site also states that Octinoxate can disrupt the thyroid and brain signaling. Also, in addition to those ingredients, sunscreen can have the chemical Oxybenzone. Oxybenzone is associated with photoallergic reactions. One site, Truth In Aging, states the following about Oxybenzone: "as a photocarinogen (Oxybenzone) is demonstrated in the production of harmful free radicals and (has) an ability to attack DNA cells; for this reason it is believed to be a contributing factor in the recent rise of melanoma cases with sunscreen users."

Homosalate, Oxybenzone, and Octinoxate are all approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These chemicals are absorbed in the skin and can create a cumulative effect, lowering the body's ability to fight disease.

An alternative to toxic sunscreen is to search for organic sun protection. Another method to examine is Life Energy Flow Tai Yi. Tai Yi offers a treatment titled Light of Destruction. This treatment boosts the skin's immune system and assists in protecting the skin from being exposed to too much sun. The treatment also works with protecting the skin from dark (unseen) energy from the sun.

This treatment will assist the skin, but precaution and common sense are always needed in any outdoor activities. Many toxins are absorbed through the skin. Light of Destruction assists in improving the skin's immune system, so that the toxins do not have such an adverse effect on the skin.


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Tami Urbanek is a medium/clairvoyant and also an advanced Life Energy Flow Tai Yi practitioner residing in Colorado. Tami earned three college degrees from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs: BA in Psychology, MA in Special Education, and MA in Public Administration.
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