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Originally published July 5 2011

A recent study finds connection between vaccines and higher infant mortality

by T.M. Hartle

(NaturalNews) A new study published in Human and Experimental Toxicology has exposed a connection between higher numbers of infant vaccinations and increased infant mortality. In recent years there has been controversy over the risks vaccines pose to infants and children. Studies have been published stating no connection between vaccines and certain health problems including SIDS while others state there is a connection. This recent study highlights the potential connection between vaccination and infant mortality.

The United States requires the highest number of vaccinations for infants under the age of one. Researchers of the latest study on vaccines and infant deaths state: "Of the 34 nations that have crossed the socio-economic threshold and are able to provide the basic necessities for infant survival: clean water, nutrition, sanitation, and health care, several require a relatively high number of vaccine doses and have relatively high infant mortality rates. These nations should take a closer look at their infant death tables to determine if some fatalities are possibly related to vaccines though reclassified as other causes." This study concluded that the nations with the highest number of vaccine doses in the developed world have the highest infant mortality rates. This study, however, does not stand alone in its implication of vaccines in infant mortality rates.

A study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology found infant death to be eight times greater within 72 hours post vaccination. A study published in Virchows Archiv and International Journal of Pathology exposed the oversight of many autopsies on suspected SIDS deaths. This study utilized pathologists experienced in vaccines and sudden infant death syndrome (who conducted the autopsy). In examining a 3 month old infant, who died of SIDS, researchers found bilateral hypoplasia of the arcuate nucleus among other findings. The researchers stated that autopsies conducted on SIDS babies fail to evaluate the brainstem and cardiac conduction systems, and they recommend that a full necropsy study be conducted. This study highlights the potential oversight that may occur in vaccine related deaths. It is important to note that while vaccine related deaths are under reported, countries with the lowest infant mortality have the lowest required number of infant vaccines. Japan and Sweden require the lowest number of infant vaccines prior to one year of age and have the lowest infant mortality rates in the developed world.

It is important to weigh the risks and benefits of any course of medical treatment. Parents should make informed decisions about vaccinations based on accurate information. There is significant controversy over the safety and efficacy of vaccination of infants throughout the world. Unfortunately this controversy involves large financial interests, and therefore accurate unbiased research and information is difficult for parents to obtain. The latest research in Human and Experimental Toxicology strongly indicates the need for more investigation into vaccination programs without financial ties to industries that profit from vaccination programs.


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T.M. Hartle has a Bachelors degree in Natural Health Science with a concentration in Clinical Nutrition as well as a Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell University. She is a student midwife who teaches pregnancy nutrition courses to midwives and childbirth educators throughout the country. She has a certificate in the Essentials of raw culinary arts from Living Light Culinary Arts Institute and is the Owner and Chef of The Peaceful Kitchen.

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